Why Am I Not Making Money Online??

Everyone who is into online marketing has definitely faced this question at some point in their lives- Why am I not making online? What are others doing that I am not doing? You get to see success stories all around but unfortunately, you can’t see yourself as one. What went wrong?? The answer probably is simple. You have not build trust with your readers yet.


Analyzing what went wrong??

Ok, so you can see a lot of people around you who are claiming to make money online, but you are yet to see success. You have tried marketing different products through your websites and blogs but probably have not been able to taste the sweetness of success. The only question in your mind is that why is it that you are not making money online?? You need to sit back and think. Revisit your website and the articles you have written to promote your affiliate products and then think, think hard.

Do these articles attract you as a neutral reader? Does it indulge you? Does it make you want to read more?? Does it make you want to buy the product you are promoting?

Remember, the person who is buying is a normal human being and not a machine. Your articles should be targetted to influence and convince fellow humans to buy the products you promote. And for that, you need to build trust with your readers. They need to trust your decision and invest in it. Your article has to make your reader believe that you are providing the solution to his problems.

Building trust with your audience


Trust does not come naturally. It has to be build, and you have to work hard for that. And only after that will your audience buy from you. Let me discuss a few techniques which I believe can help you build trust with your audience:-

  1. Writing well researched and unique articles: – First thing you need to stop is copying from other blogs and building up an article based on that. Your readers will find out sooner or later that you have nothing new to offer, and that would be a very negative scenario for you and your website. It is important that you spend some time researching your article and then writing it. Rehashed articles hardly help in building trust or sales.
  2. Get comments and reply to them: – Encourage your visitors to comment on your articles, and ensure that you reply to those comments. These comments help build up a relationship with your audience and acts as a great source to build up audience trust. It really helps to make your audience believe that they are important to you and what they think matters to you a lot.
  3. Build up an email mailing list: – Get your readers to leave you their email IDs and build up a mailing list. You can offer them a free review in return, or maybe a free report related to the products offered on your website. For example, for websites promoting weight-loss products you can provide a free report on obesity and its harmful effects. Later you can build up a relationship with them through email marketing. But remember not to spam them with too many hard sells. Then the trust you built will probably not last long.

These are 3 basic methods to build trust with your audience and ensure you get more sales. There are a lot of other methods but these 3 are the most common one used by online marketers.

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