What Is Safelist Advertising??

Safelists have come up as an advertising tool in the last few years. A lot of internet marketers have been using Safelists to market their products. We would take a look at the pros and cons of Safelists advertising and marketing methods. But before that let us look at exactly what is Safelist advertising??


What is Safelist Advertising??

A Safelist is primarily a membership based email list where members mail to each other and promote their products. Each member has to first opt-in to receive these emails. So these mails will not be considered as spams as the full list is an opt-in list. Normally in most Safelist programs if you opt out of the mailing list, you will also lose the ability to send your promotional mails to the members.

Advantages of Using Safelists

Safelist is coming up as an internet marketing tool and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, most Safelist products offer a free membership, which enables you to send your promotional emails to other members for free. Although there is normally a cap to the number of free emails you can send, you can earn more email credits by reading more emails of fellow members. This feature actually encourages members to read the offerings sent by other members, since in return they also get to email more members. You can also purchase upgrade packs to send more emails to members and increase your email sending cap.

Safelists also feature a 100 percent opt-in model. That means each and every member has opted to receive these emails and so they cannot cry spam. So you can send your promotional features to this group without any worries of being listed as a spammer. This gives you peace of mind while promoting your online business.

Also, most good Safelist Products have a huge database of members. thus you get to promote your products to a huge group for free or for at a very cheap rate.


Disadvantages of using Safelists

The first thing to remember is that the group of members members to whom you are promoting your products are actually a set of sellers, and not buyers.

That means that nearly all of these members are actually here to primarily promote their own products and not buy somebody else’s products. Thus their interest levels in responding to your promotion is very less. Remember, that they are primarily opening emails because they get free credits so that they can themselves send more and more emails. Thus they are primarily reading your promotions because they want to promote their own products and not because they want to buy your products.

Which effectively means that your sales will be low in numbers. Forget sales, even clicks to your affiliate or your website links will also be low from this group of users.

Final Verdict

Safelists can be an useful add-on tool to your promotional campaign but they cannot be the base of your campaign. The conversions are pretty low, but since using these services are either free or come at a very cheap price-point, thus you do not have anything to lose by trying Safelists. At the worst case scenario there will be no sales, but hey, you are not spending anything. You might actually get some traffic and sales for free and that is never a bad thing.

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