The Evolution of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Let us analyze the power of video advertising with this one piece of data – Youtube reaches more people in the US of the age bracket 18-49 during prime time than the top 10 TV shows combined. Yes, this is absolutely true. Consumers have changed the way they spend time on the Internet and watching Videos have increased exponentially. And thus Video Advertising has become an extremely important method of reaching out to your online audience. It has not only become important, I would say it has become absolutely essential.

Video Advertising Insights

Let’s take another piece of statistics. In 2016 the ad spending for online videos in the US alone was around $10 billion. All top brands like Johnson and Johnson and Coke have reduced their TV ad spending and shifted a sizable amount of their Ad budget to Online Video Ads. Yes, that is the truth and if you are not advertising your brand in Youtube or Vimeo you are probably losing out big. In fact, statistics say that in the next few years Video would be accountable for more than 75% of Internet Traffic.  So you really cannot afford to miss out on this traffic at all.


Another fact that makes Video Advertisement amazingly attractive are the low rates. Well, it’s true that the rates are increasing every day. But still, compared to Text Ads or Banner Ads PPC (Pay per click), the rates for Video adverts are still much lower. In fact, it is still a fraction of what a Banner PPC ad would cost. If you check the rates for an Ad in the Insurance verticle, you will find that a banner click might cost you upwards of $5-$8, where you can get a Youtube click at $0.50. Yeah, The price difference is still substantial and you might save a kitty in Video Ads and get amazing responses. I would be writing a series of blog posts on Video Advertisement and how to effectively make videos and you can check them out on my website.

Video Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

It is a known fact that Affiliate Marketers are increasingly using Videos to reach their audience. You will see Video Blogs, Video Trainings, Youtube Videos about affiliate products and also Video landing pages. Videos are being used extensively by Affiliate marketers to promote their affiliate products since they have realized that this is one of the best forms of marketing these days.

This has also led to a huge increase in the Video Advertising budget for Affiliate marketers. Due to its extensive reach and low cost, video advertising today is an affiliate marketer’s best tool. Let’s take Youtube Ads as an example. You can target your ads to your audience and the targeting can be based on Age, geography, interests and various other demographics. You can also place your ads in various strategic positions like the beginning of a video or as separate adverts altogether. Also, you do not pay anything unless the consumer watches the video for at least 30 secs. All these have made Video Advertising one of the best Advertising methods for Affiliate marketers.


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