Take Surveys for Cash- Honest review

Is Take Surveys for Cash a Scam? Does Take Surveys for Cash Work?? Lets analyze in this review.
Product:- Take Surveys for Cash
Website:- TakeSurveysforCash.com
Price:- Varies
Owners- Jason White
My rating:- 2 out of 10

Ideal For:- People who want to learn that there are no shortcuts to making money

What is Take Surveys for Cash??

Take surveys for Cash is a paid survey site designed by Jason White, the self proclaimed King of paid surveys. He makes it sound that making huge amount of Cash is so easy, while the truth is anything but.

So here is a brief idea on what to expect

Jason White claims that he has found out ways to get surveys which pay huge amount of cash. Yes, there are paid surveys, but they are time consuming and extremely bad payers. And most of the times they would be paying in gift coupons and not Cash. Let us look at his claim first:-

Before After

He claims that he now gets $200 for surveys. Take a look at the digits of the check and the rest of the check. I don’t need to say more.

After all these tall claims you would be asked to pay $30 or $27 or lesser based on how fast you want to get out of the site.

Joining fee

Not just this, he also offers you a bonus if you join:-


Now, I guess you would be understanding how outrageous everything is. First of all no huge Company is DESPERATE for you to take surveys. They have their own structure in place where they get surveys done at very cheap rates. You might get surveys which are paid but they would be having very low rates.

The site also offers an affiliate program. The number of people wanting to do paid surveys are so huge in  number that you really don’t need to promote affiliate programs to get them.

All these really makes me wonder how such outrageous plans see the light of the day. I guess the need to earn money without working much is so strong in some that it becomes easy to get money out of their wallets real fast.

In a Nutshell

Remember, there are really no easy ways of making money fast. But if you have patience and ready to work towards success it can be achieved easily. You can take a look at my #1 recommendation in online business and understand how you can build up your business systematically.


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