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Affiliate Marketing is regarded as a field which holds an insurmountable potential for profits. However, in today’s era, it is rare to acquaint yourself with a reliable affiliate marketing platform since most of the organizations are solely focused on profiting off of people’s desire to learn. Much like any other curious and ambitious marketer, I was scouring the internet for a reliable solution that could aid me in utilizing my skills to eventually earn a living. After innumerable hours of research, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. To ease the task of finding an effective affiliate marketing platform and eliminate the common skepticism, the following is an honest Wealthy Affiliate review from a perspective of someone who has experienced it first hand.

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Wealthy Affiliate- the best way to learn affiliate marketing

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?  

Before I detail the distinctive elements of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I want to mention that the following is not a sales pitch from a representative of Wealthy Affiliates; instead, you should treat this Wealthy Affiliate review as a detailed guide compiled by someone who wishes to aid his fellow affiliate marketers in their quest of profiting through their marketing skills.

With that being said, I firstly want to mention the elements that are generally overlooked in most of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews – the primary intention behind the same. In an age where businesses are determined to exploit curious individuals, Wealthy Affiliate provides an environment that is directly opposite to the toxic trends of today. Honestly, I went in expecting that Wealthy Affiliates would ask me for my credit card details before getting started, much like most of the affiliate marketing platforms of today. However, the truth was surprisingly pleasant. Instead of asking me for my bank details, Wealthy Affiliates encouraged me to sign up as a free member to acquaint myself with their business models and services. It wasn’t long until I was convinced to upgrade to their premium membership.

What truly impressed me was the primary aim behind the platform. Wealthy Affiliate is built with the sole intention of providing capable marketers with reliable knowledge to kickstart their affiliate business. Added to the noble intentions, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is also integrated with effective marketing and website development solutions to further ease the procedure of building the foundation for your affiliate business.

What are the Initial Benefits?

The following details the distinctive benefits that make Wealthy Affiliate one of the most efficient affiliate marketing platforms.

  • Interaction with Expert Community

    Wealthy Affiliate’s vast and interactive community is arguably the element of the platform. Instead of ushering yourself into a competitive crowd, you’re greeted with open arms by the members of Wealthy Affiliate community that are willing to aid you in your affiliate business venture. Initially, I was worried about how interactive the forums might be. Fortunately, I soon realized that Wealthy Affiliate boasts of some of the most productive crowds that you can find in an affiliate marketing platform. The issues that I was struggling through in the start were instantly resolved when I visited the online forums where members provided me with an array of reliable solutions to my problem.

  • Efficient Building Tools

    Wealthy Affiliate is integrated with the SiteRubix platform which is built to seamlessly create and maintain websites with minimal technical knowledge. I was certainly skeptic when the Wealthy Affiliate platform promised that I would have my own business website up and running in the span of 34 seconds. I’m glad to say that they were true to their promise. I had my own website functioning in the span of mere minutes after being introduced to the service. Additional to that, they didn’t compromise on the quality to provide the aforementioned publishing speeds. My website was also layered over with SSL protection to ensure my authenticity to my customers. All I had to do was choose a domain, a title, and the starting theme for my website to create a fully-functional WordPress-based website.

  • Reliable Training Solutions

    Before choosing the ideal affiliate marketing platform, there were a few things that I knew that I couldn’t compromise on. A reliable knowledge pool to acquaint me to the field of affiliate marketing held the top priority among the same. Wealthy Affiliate checks that box and provides you with more than what you might initially expect. Even as a free user, I was given access to training courses curated by industry experts to walk me through the functions of the platform. Added to that, as a free member, I was also given access to 1-to-1 coaching classes for the initial 7 days to provide me with an efficient knowledge pool about the basics of the field. Upgrading to a premium user, I was provided with additional and unrestricted access to live classrooms, 7 phases of affiliate Bootcamp, and added website support for my affiliate business.

  • Added Marketing Aids

    Wealthy Affiliate is enhanced through the addition of reliable marketing tools. As a free user, I was given access to execute up to 30 search procedures for the relevant keywords to boost my website which, ultimately, leads to increased affiliate profits. The fact that the platform acts as a nexus for all the necessary marketing tools makes it convenient for the users of the same. I could integrate my website posts with the most efficient keywords to attract increased traffic to my business. The same also increases the conversion rates to generate further revenue as an affiliate.

  • Profitable Affiliate Programs

    Compared to other popular affiliate marketing platforms, Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with a respectable commission rate up on promoting their platform. As a free user, I was provided with a 15% commission on successful affiliate conversions. Even as a free user, the commission rate rivals some of the reputed platforms in the field. Upgrading to a premium membership, you’re provided with an increased 50% commission rate for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Considering the same, Wealthy Affiliates can be classified as the ideal platform if you’re seeking the most profitable affiliation programs.

What Does the Free Membership Provide?

Wealthy Affiliate proves it’s genuine by providing individuals with a free membership to ensure that they get a glimpse of what the platform can do for them. The unique characteristic of free membership is the fact that it doesn’t restrict users from accessing the distinctive elements of the platform. I would honestly recommend getting yourself acquainted with the platform through the free membership before upgrading to the premium variant. To better explain what you get with the free membership, I’ve detailed the benefits of the same in the following.

  • Basic Training Resources

    By simply signing up on the platform, you’re provided with access to 7 days of Live Help and 1-to-1 coaching. Along with the same, you’re also given the beginner training course which includes practical tasks relating to the field of affiliate marketing. Added to the aforementioned, you can also get a glimpse of Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Bootcamp through the unrestricted phase 1 access that you’re given with your free membership. The same is ideal for learning the basics to start an online business from home.

  • Targeted Website Publishing

    With the free membership, you can create up to 2 websites dedicated to your own niche to train yourself with the basics of affiliate marketing. You can get your own functional website published in less than a minute. Before introducing myself with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I was under the impression that constructing and maintaining the business website is arguably the most exhausting task in the field. I was still overwhelmed by the sheer convenience of the platform when I realized that the publisher websites are integrated with an SSL layering to provide added security to the same.

  • Access to the Affiliate Program

    As a free member, you aren’t restricted from a being a part of Wealthy Affiliates’ affiliate program. With the free membership, you’re provided given a 15% commission for every converting customer that you bring to the platform. The 15% rate not only is considered respectable in the field but also rivals the rates of other popular affiliate marketing platforms.

  • Added Marketing Tools

    I was under the impression that as a free member, I wouldn’t be allowed to try the in-built marketing tools in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I’m glad to acknowledge that I was wrong. As a free user, I could use the integrated keyword search tool up to 30 times to find the relevant keywords to boost my affiliate business on the web. Added to that, I was also given full access to my personal dashboard that detailed my earning and also provided me with reliable tips to increase my earnings.

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Is the Premium Membership Worth the Price?

It wouldn’t be an honest Wealthy Affiliate review if I didn’t compare the free version of the membership with the premium one. Before concluding the above-stated question, I’ve detailed the added benefits of the premium membership in the following for you to examine.

  • Increased Website Publishing Limit

    The free membership allows you to publish and maintain up to 2 websites for a single account. The above-mentioned number is considerable when you’re a beginner in the field of affiliate marketing and wish to gauge the daily profits that you can make from the same. However, if you wish to start an online business from home that is capable of supporting your lifestyle, 2 websites might not prove to be enough. With the premium membership, you’re allowed to create up to 50 websites for varying niches to significantly increase your daily earnings.

  • Unrestricted Training Resource Access

    With the free membership, you’re given access to the beginner training course along with Phase 1 of the affiliate Bootcamp. Upgrading to the premium membership, you’ll be given full access to all the 7 phases of the affiliate Bootcamp along with the ability to join live classrooms curated by industry experts to further develop your knowledge base about the field. The 7-day 1-to-1 coaching period is also upgraded for an indefinite duration. This essentially means that you can privately interact with the experts for resolving any issues that you might have with the platform. The knowledge pool of Wealthy Affiliates is created solely to aid you to start an online business from home.

  • Private Interaction With the Community.

    Upgrading to the premium membership also gives you the ability to privately send messages to the members of the community. This feature allows you to interact with the community efficiently and also socialize with affiliate marketers such as yourself.

  • Added Website Support

    With the premium membership, you’re also provided with additional support for your published website(s). The upgraded membership gives you access to the website feedback, website comment, and 24*7 website support platforms. Added to that, your dashboard is also enhanced with the inclusion of detailed website analysis that is delivered to you frequently so you can get an idea about your earnings and strengths.

  • Increased Affiliate Commission

    The 15% commission rate upon successful customer conversion is upgraded 50% within the affiliate program if your upgrade to the premium membership. The considerable jump in commission rate can single-handedly increase your daily revenues by 200% if utilized to its fullest. The increased revenue can aid you to start an online business from home.

Given the aforementioned benefits of upgrading to the premium membership, It is easy to say that the paid variant of the Wealthy Affiliate membership is entirely worth it. To be brutally honest, after accounting for the daily revenues that one can make through the platform, the price can almost be classified as a steal. Added to that, new users are given an added discount on the premium membership. The $49/month premium membership of Wealthy Affiliates is reduced to being $19 for the first month.

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To Conclude.

Wealthy Affiliates is the ideal affiliate marketing platform which differentiates itself from its competition by actually caring for its users. The extensive array of features provided both in the premium and free membership only make it more convenient for ambitious marketers who want to start an online business from home. Considering the business model of the platform, users can easily earn remarkable amounts from various affiliate programs while they learn the basic and advanced concepts of affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliates’ extensive and reliable knowledge pool.

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