PaysForever Review: Do Not Buy Before You Read This

PaysForever is a Multi Level marketing (MLM) program which promises to pay you instantly once the sale is made, thereby removing the risk of not getting paid. But is the product worth the fee they charge or is it another scam?? Read the PaysForever review to find out.

Product Name – PaysForever
Website –
Price- $39
Owners- Charles and Susan Truett
My rating:- 2.5/10




What Works??

  1. PaysForever has a simple concept, which is easy to understand and implement.
  2. Immediate commission payment for every affiliate sale. No need to wait for a minimum payment amount, get paid immediately for sales made.
  3. The package includes a website for promoting PaysForever.
  4. Might give you some quick money if you have a strong personal network.

What does not work??

  1. A typical Pyramid scheme which does not offer any product but just focusses on downline building.
  2. No long term products to sell. The free products included are backdated. (Other than the website).
  3. The first sale goes to your sponsor.
  4. Difficult to promote. You might have to be dependent on only your close network.

Analysis of PayForever

The concept of PaysForever is pretty simple. You become a member by paying $39, and then you get an affiliate website which you can use to promote the program. Of the $39, $20 will immediately go to your sponsor, and hence their claim of immediate payment and the rest will be kept by the owners as administrative expenses. Now once people start joining your network, they pay the same $39 fee. You will not get paid for the first person who joins you. That $20 will go to your sponsor. You start getting paid from the 2nd person who joins you. Similarly, you get paid for the first person who joins your downline’s network.


This means, along with the sales made directly by you (other than your first sale), you also get residual income from your downline’s first sales. Although this seems like a good scheme, you are basically dependent on your downline’s sincerity for your residual income.

Also, what makes it difficult is the fact that there are actually no proper products to promote. One good thing about this program is that they actually accept this and mention this. The sales page does not bullshit you into believing that you are getting superb value for money stuff, and makes it clear that the primary goal is network building. This I found as pretty impressive, and thus I have not marked this product as a Scam.

But unfortunately, this also makes it a difficult scheme to sell and also a short term one. The products which they are giving free are pretty outdated and generally come with a negative review. So you will not be able to use them as a promotional tool and will have to only depend on people who are looking to build an MLM network.


The above picture shows the free products given with the program, and you would realize that these would hardly be used as hooks to get more members to join your network. So thus you are actually left with only the network marketing part and thus you would evidently run around your existing network trying to push this product. This might be a good one time sale for quick money if you are looking at short term income and if you already have a strong network. But this would be an uphill task if you are building your network from scratch.

In a Nutshell

PaysForever might act as an add-on sales product for experienced marketers, but it is not at all a product to build a long term business. Thus beginners should stay away from this.

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I hope my PaysForever review has been able to clear your doubts about the product. Please leave a comment below on what you think about the review. You can also mail me at and I will get back to you.

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