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Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review 2020- Do not join before you read this

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?? Does Wealthy Affiliate work?? Let’s take a detailed look in my Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review for 2020.
But before you start reading the review, I want to make clear a few things. I am an affiliate and member of Wealthy Affiliate and whatever views I give now is an honest analysis if what I have understood as a member of Wealthy Affiliate from my own experience. Also, clicking on the links below and joining Wealthy Affiliate would actually benefit me and I will get affiliate commissions. But it will benefit you also as I can guide you inside the Wealthy Affiliate personally. There are other benefits also if you join from my affiliate link as you will find out later in the review. So, let’s move forward.
Product- Wealthy Affiliate
Price- $0 (Starter),(Join Here)
            $49 p.m. (Premium). (Join Here)
Owners-Kyle and Carson
My rating- 9.7 out of 10
Ideal for- Anyone serious about making money online
Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

There are different ways by which you can look at Wealthy Affiliate. You can say that it is a training center which teaches you the tricks of the trade to effectively start and run an online business. You can also say it is a community of like-minded people who are willing to help each other reach the level of success each deserves. Some say it is your best friend in this hard world of affiliate marketing. It is all these and a lot more as you will see in this honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

What works:-

  1. Training modules helping you build your online business from scratch. The training which covers all aspects of a successful online business.
  2. A huge community (around 7,00,000 members and growing) ready to help you at every step.
  3. Interactive classrooms.
  4. 2 free websites for Starter members and much more for premium.
  5. Keyword research tools.
  6. 24*7 support is available.
  7. Regular webinars to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  8. Learning from and mixing with the best in the trade.
  9. Not a get rich quick or MLM scheme.

What doesn’t work:-

  1. A lot of material to go through, which can be quite overwhelming at times.
  2. Will take time to learn and master the concepts and skills.

Honest Analysis of Wealthy affiliate:-

Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop forum which takes care of every need of Internet marketers. From Newbies to experts there is something for everyone.

Step by step Video training, blogs, write-ups which will hold your hands from scratch and build up a successful online business. Finding profitable niche’s, finding keywords, building websites, writing powerful content, learning how to drive in traffic- You name it and its there. It guides you in the best possible way to learn and master the concepts which will lead you to build a successful online business.

Let us look at the model they use while they follow to ensure success while you look for money online:-


Basically, it shows you how you can utilize your passion or hobbies by building a website around them, and then reaching out to over 3.3 billion internet users with them. It encourages you to work around things which you are passionate and interested in, and convert them into money-making opportunities. And to do so, they would guide you and coach you at every step so that you can realize your dreams as an internet marketer.

So what do I get inside Wealthy Affiliate:-

  1. Step by step training modules pertaining to every step in affiliate and internet marketing (Video, blogs, write-ups). It holds your hand and takes you to step by step from scratch. Right from selecting your niche to choosing and buying a domain to hosting of domains. It also teaches you how to build your website from scratch without any coding. Trust me, you can build your business in any niche right from scratch even if you are a complete newbie.
Trainings in Wealthy Affiliate
A few training modules inside Wealthy Affiliate

2. Helpful community with over 7,00,000 people to help you whenever you need. Excellent guidance via chats, training, and blog posts. A community that is always ready to share because they actually care.

3. Interactive classrooms to discuss the various aspects of Internet marketing. People with real experience in various niches will help you resolve your queries and achieve success inside these interactive classrooms.

Classrooms inside WealthyAffiliate
A glimpse of Classrooms inside Wealthy affiliate.

4. WordPress website hosting services- You can host 25 free websites and 25 websites with your own domain (Premium members only). This in itself is worth the expenses you pay for a premium membership. The hosting service is premium with extremely fast hosting with extremely fast response time. And this is free with your membership.

5. Build your own WordPress websites from scratch in as less than 30 seconds. Even newbies can do it with a click. Wealthy Affiliate Guides you right from selecting your domain name to choosing a responsive and attractive theme. All themes are mobile responsive too, thus making your search engine optimization a cakewalk. It then takes you step by step and guides you as you build your own niche website and also teaches you how to do Search Engine Optimisation, and bring traffic into your website.

6. The very best affiliate programs to help you start your first online business and make huge commissions in the process. You have a niche but don’t know what to sell? No problems. Wealthy affiliate guides you into choosing affiliate programs for your niche.

7. Personal one to one support from the founders Kyle and Carson- You are stuck and you don’t know what to do. No problem. The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are at hand. Ask them and they will help you out.

8. Free Keyword Tool for your keyword research needs- Initially you don’t need to subscribe to any costly Keyword tools since Wealthy Affiliate gives you Jaaxy for free (Premium Members) to research your keywords and find those winning keywords on which you will write your content.

Keyword research tool
Jaaxy- Keyword research tool

9. Regular live video training and webinars on the most recent topics on the world of Affiliate marketing. Each Friday one expert will have a live webinar on one of the most important parts of internet marketing. These Webinars are extremely interactive and you can ask any question you want on these topics and the expert will answer them. These replay of these Webinars are also available for a lifetime so that you can refer them whenever you need help on that topic. Each and every aspect of internet marketing is covered with new topics being covered each week by proven industry experts.

Weekly Webinar at Wealthy Affiliate
Weekly Webinar at Wealthy Affiliate

10. FREE to join in most countries. Other than a few select countries you can join for free and try this magnificent system. Go on join for free and see how you can change your life.

11. Additional Premium membership with a host of special facilities and absolutely no up-sells once you are premium. In most websites you have endless upsells making your experience expensive and frustrating. Not so in Wealthy Affiliate. What it promises is what it gives.

The features of both the type of memberships are given below for you to make an informed decision:-


So who should join:-

  1. People who are unemployed and are looking for full-time opportunities to generate income streams from the Internet.
  2. People with part time jobs willing to work for some part of the day to earn those extra bucks.
  3. People with full-time jobs who are looking for an opportunity to move on as an entrepreneur and are willing to start spending sometime of the day on Affiliate marketing (Here is a great chance to fire your Boss in the very near future)
  4. People looking for that extra money to pay for the growing needs.
  5. People who hate working for someone else, and have always had dreams of owning there own business, but didn’t know how to go about it.
  6. In other words- For anyone and everyone who wants to have his own internet business, no matter what the niche is. This is absolutely newbie-friendly.

Why should you join from my affiliate link???

Building your own business online and making it successful is difficult. In fact, it is nearly impossible without a proper mentor. By clicking my affiliate link and joining this program would make me your official mentor inside Wealthy Affiliate. This would enable me to act as your guide and help you in your path to achieving success online. To ensure you are able to use the resources inside wealthy affiliate and achieve the success you are looking for in building your online business I will be providing the following free of cost to my students:-

  1. An onboarding Skype Call with you, no matter where you are situated, to take you through a walk around Wealthy Affiliate and teach you how to get the optimum value from the resources. ( $199 value).
  2. Two (2) more Skype calls with you in the 3rd month, after you have gone through the basics of Wealthy Affiliate and have started building your sites. These calls will help you plan on how to bring traffic to your website and get more sales. ( $499 value)
  3. Bonus 1: A guide to getting free traffic. ($249 value)
  4. Bonus 2: A guide to Facebook Ads and best practices ($249 value).
  5. Always available to clear your doubts inside Wealthy Affiliate (Priceless).

I will personally guide you so that you reach success in your online journey. So to join this wonderful program for a free trial and to have me as your mentor click here and fill-up the form.

Once you have joined, I will have an onboarding call with you. The bonuses would be given to you on the 2nd month after you have grasped the basics well, and the traffic calls will be held on your third month.

In a nutshell

Wealthy Affiliate would be a great step in realizing your dream of making money successfully on the internet. It is the ideal platform to get trained, earn money, and slowly move towards becoming an authority in Affiliate marketing. This is the best program I have come across on the internet and believe me I have come across many. It is absolutely free to join and you definitely should take a look at it and then decide for yourself. This one step could actually change your life.

You can join for free here. Join Up and I will meet you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you have liked this Post. In case you want to know more or get in touch with me personally feel free to mail me at or and you can also leave a comment below on what you felt about my post. Take care.

Wealthy Affiliate


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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for an interesting and insightful review. You have pointed out everything that one needs to know about about becoming an online business person. Good tips and advice about Wealthy Affiliate and it is very useful information for anyone wishing to start online marketing. Here they can find out about the training, community and the readily available help and advice.

    Thank you


    1. It’s great to know that you liked my article about Wealthy Affiliate. Glad to hear that you agree with my views on this program. 

  2. Excellent review of wealthy Affiliate you have done up here and I mist say that I cannot agree less with you concerning the information’s you have given in here. Wealthy Affiliate is a one in a million opportunity to any aspiring or current marketer whose wish is to be well grinded in the rudiments of marketing and to learn exactly how it works. The training at wealthy Affiliate is very massive and it encompass every aspect of marketing. The support is massive too. Great review you have here

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s great to know you agree with my views on this wonderful platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. This is a very good post on wealthy affiliate. I see a lot of people who are making money from wealthy affiliate and I just joined myself. I have moved up to premium to enjoy the full benefits. Something I notice is that the community is very helpful. It’s very good that you are deciding to help those who register through your link because the one who I registered through doesn’t really have my time. Having a Skype call is really cool and I think they have a better chance of success that many other newbie on the platform. Nice review by the way. Wealthy affiliate is definitely a top choice.

    1. Great to know you have joined this wonderful platform and you agree to my views on the same. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a game-changer when it comes to building and running an online business and I always get overwhelmed by the value this platform gives me. 

  4. Grwt review! Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the the best platform to be. You have done well to point out the major tops that makes it the best out there for anyone. The training is the best part of it as it can even turn a rookie to a pro. And the enthusiasm of everyone in the community to help out with every difficulty. Also, the hosting platform, the keyword research tools and more. Everything is just perfect on the website. I am a premium member and I can say, going premium has been the best decision of my life. Thanks

    1. It’s great to know that you are also a member of this wonderful program. I honestly feel this is the best platform for anyone who wants to get into the world of internet business, especially for newbies.

  5. Thanks for putting together the information to better understand this program and what it will provide to it’s members. It’s great to see a free option — that is definitely one of my favorite points about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s great to be able to try out a service to really get a feel for what is included and THEN decide if it’s worth the extra investment to upgrade to a paid program. Thanks so much!

    1. Absolutely, the content is so mind-blowing inside Wealthy Affiliate, that people who take the free option convert to premium within a week. Once you are inside Wealthy Affiliate, you are hooked for life.

  6. What a great and honest review!  I want to learn how to earn an income from home and I’m so glad to find that there is something out there that can help no matter your financial situation – unemployed, part-time or full-time.  Thank you.  I would definitely need that constant help from others and the updated training to learn what I needed to do.  This is really helpful.  Thank you!

    1. Glad to know you found this review helpful…Wealthy Affiliate is an extremely powerful platform and I hope you realize your dreams by taking advantage of this platform. Just stay motivated and don’t give up.

  7. One of the things I find most challenging at Wealthy Affiliate is dealing with the amount of training and material and balancing that with building out my website and creating content.

    I have had to really pace myself and go through two or three training sessions per week (which also includes the live training) and then leave time to write around three articles/blogs per week, and let’s not forget the research that goes into creating great content.

    The bottom line for people is to make sure you have time each week to put into your business and give it at least a year to see the progress.

    What do you think are the best ways to manage time and a schedule with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Rick, I believe that you need to have a weekly schedule for the same. You need to plan to work at least 15 hours a week on this. Plan how to invest these 15 hours well, and you will reach the success you want. Thanks.

  8. HaHa, I want to say that I have joined Wealthy Affiliate. Since joining WA, I have participated in a lot of training. The content of the training is the knowledge I have never learned. It is really very useful. It also made me start my own online business, if you want to ask me have any make money? I want to tell you that it is not yet, but I believe that as long as you do not quit Wealthy Affiliate, you will succeed.

  9. A very insightful and in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. People should make more in depth review with personal experiences of different kind of affiliate marketing community and programs which is out there. It’s just to many poor sites and reviews of people who are only after making money on you. Too much scams. Trough your review it show that you are providing a service and want to help the readers. Well done.

    1. Thanks a ton for your kind words. My aim is to ensure that people who want to make money online can do so through legit and long term methods. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms for the same.

  10. Well thank you for the honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. My friend asked me to join under his affiliate link, but I was afraid if this supposed to be another online scam. Based on many reviews I’ve read online, including yours, I think I will try it first before judging the platform. Do you know how long it need to start earning any income? Thanks

    1. The time required to generate income depends on a lot of factors. Mainly your niche, the product you will promote, the content, marketing plan etc. But the guidance you will receive will be good enough and if you follow the same then success should definitely be achievable.

  11. I think for anyone looking to build an online business would greatly benefit from this platform called wealthyaffiliate. Of course there are other platforms similar to this but from what I have seen wealthyaffiliate is one of the best training platforms with everything you need to succeed in the online world. The community and the owners are really helpful and are willing to assist in building your online business.

    1. Jay, I completely agree with you. Wealthy affiliate is definitely one of the best training platforms available in the market. The community is wonderful and it is a great learning experience.

  12. There is most certainly no shortage of people out there ready to take advantage of anyone who is unsuspecting or new to the internet, this is why people like you with these websites that highlight and worn people of possible scams are so important, however, I must agree with you that wealthy affiliate is a legit and trustworthy platform and I would advise anyone that may be interested in an online affiliate marketing business to come and read your post here and sign up to wealthy affiliate, thank you for sharing.  

    1. Hey Russ, Thanks for your comment. You are right about the fact that hundreds of fake products have filled the affiliate marketing space whose primary motive is to scam newbies of their money. It’s really fortunate that wealthy affiliate is there to help these people out and help them reach the success they deserve.

  13. Honestly speaking WA is the best platform I have been on thus far,I have learnt so much from this platform.Not only is the training specific and helpful but the Site support team is very helpful in assisting you  plus when you log a ticket you dont wait days for them to reply to you.waiting time is about 10 mins max which is a awsome SLA in my books.I am also not forgetting the WA community who are very supportive.

    WA is truely the BEST platform to build your website.You get your moneys worth

    1. Great to know that you agree with my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It really is a wonderful platform for newbies to become successful in building their own online business. 

  14. Hi Sirshendu,

    Thanks for this helpful post about wealthy Affiliate Program and I love the truth you mention it’s not a quick and not an MLM program. I used to know all of the drawbacks for any program I want to join before really making the purchase decision, and I find it helps a lot without falling into the wrong ones. 

    I think the key for anyone who would like to make money on the internet should also keep “consistence”, “patience” & “hard-working ” in mind to really achieve something. I hope I could achieve one day since I am still doing a 9-5 daytime job and taking an online marketer as my part-time job. 

    Anyway, this post really educates me the best and the downsides about wealthy affiliate program, it’s very useful.

    1. Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. COnsistence, patience and hard work are the 3 most important traits which you need to succeed online. I am sure very soon you will move from your 9-5 job to being a full-time digital entrepreneur.

  15. I think wealthy affiliate is the best platform because it is complete. It offers the training and support you need to start, create and scale your business. The training is very easy to follow, as a member you get to host your website for free and the community is there to help you whenever you need.

    i also love the fact that as a member if you are comfortable in your knowledge about a subject you can share it on the format of training and you will get paid. It is really a complete platform that I have been enjoying for years now.


  16. Wealthy Affiliate us surely the best platform to join if anyone wants to make a living from being an affiliate marketer. The platform offers si much training and a lot of support which makes it unique compared to all other platforms that I have ever joined on the internet. I really like it because of the willingness of everyone on the platform to help with any difficulties and also, the tools made affailanle to members such as jwxxy keyword research and the web hosting are great too . thumbs up for this review

    1. Yes, Jaaxy is a great tool, and with tools like this and the training no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for newbies and mid-level marketers alike.

  17. Hello there, thanks for sharing this post.. I have only retired from my job about two months ago and i have been looking for a real legit site to learn how to start up my blog page. I have tried some other sites which happens to be scam sites and i regret wasting those money on it. Looking at what you have explained here about wealthy affiliate, I’ll live to give it try. Nice being here.

  18. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can honestly say I totally agree with your assessment. The benefits you have listed are very real. When I joined it literally took me minutes to build my website. Granted it was basic and needed it to be filled with content. And that was easy to do.

    The Site Content feature of Wealthy Affiliate has a great editor and the ability to place pictures within ones posts. The choice of free Themes is enormous, you are bound to find one you like. It does take time to go through the lessons, and that is understandable. However, the community opens up a great place where you can ask for help if you get stuck or have any question retarding building your business. 

    Great job in sharing everything that works in Wealthy Affiliate. 


    1. It’s great to know that you agree with my view of Wealthy affiliate. Yes, it’s true, that it has amazing features which make it the best platform available in the market to start a digital business.

  19. It is very nice that you can give such detailed review on wealthy affiliate. I have been on the platform on a while now and I think Kyle and Carson has done a very good job to make this one. The training is perfect and all they have a community of people who are very helpful. When I first joined, I was warmly welcomed. One thing that should be stated is that when working online, it is important that one knows that hardwork and dedication is all that matters. Nice post!

    1. Absolutely, I agree. Hard work and dedication are the basic necessities for surviving online. There are no get rich quick schemes. 

  20. Hi,
    I stumbled on your site when I was looking for Wealthy Affiliate reviews. You sure did a very thorough job on your review. And I must say an honest one too. I agree so much with you, WA is an awesome place to get your feet wet. Even when you join for free as a novice you can learn so much about building a website using WordPress. But the truth is, there is no magic bullet. And sometimes even hard works doesn’t guarantee success online. In that respect, it resembles the brick and mortar world 😉


  21. Your honest review of Wealthy Affiliate is very good.I like the fact you highlighted what is working and what is not working so that a new person can decide whether it is ideal for him/her.

    I am looking for a guaranteed way to make money online and I will give this company a try. I am interested in the free Starter membership. I am attracted to this opportunity as you mentioned that they have a huge community of members ready to help new people at every step.

    Thanks for this wonderful work and I hope to share this with friends

    1. Hi Chris, you are right, the best way to start is by joining through the free started kit and then slowly taking the premium membership once you receive real value in it. See you inside WA.

  22. Nice review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is refreshing to see a review that is not a 100% score, I don’t think there ever is one. I like how you layed out all the information in a logical flow.

    How does Wealthy affiliate compare to other affiliate programs? I know you recommend it as #1, but it would be nice to see how it compares to its competitors.

  23. Great review you have done here concerning wealthy affiliate and I must say that I have learnt some new things about it. Though I have heard a lot about wealthy affiliate but I have never truly considered trying it out. With the information’s made available to me on here, I am sure that I would join the platform right now. I like the tools and the trainings made available on here. And it seems I can learn a lot more through this platform. Being your number one recommendation, I feel more at peace to join it. Thanks

    1. Hi Rodarrick. Yes, I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best platform to learn the tricks of how to start and run your own online business. Looking forward to seeing you inside WA.

  24. Wealthy affiliate is a good place to start up working online especially as a marketer. The tools that are available are top notch in the market and they are effective for anyone who knows how to make use of them. Even though I have just joined and also in premium, I have seen many success stories to let me know that it truly works and I am optimistic. Thanks for given this post. I must say, it is truly the number one recommendation.

  25. You have mentioned some of the great points that make Wealthy Affiliate worthwhile as a way to build your own website and learn how websites work. There is no such thing as free money and Wealthy Affiliate does support this. You have to work. You have to learn. The experience has been very rewarding from a knowledge perspective and I’d recommend to anyone who is keen to understand website logistics.

    1. Peter, you are absolutely right. People should stop thinking that there is any formula to get rich overnight. You have to work hard and slog to achieve success.

  26. This review says everything that needs to be said about wealthy affiliate,  just as no system is perfect, wealthy affiliate is close to perfection, there’s absolutely nothing to hate about this program as they offer quality training and undeniable means of making a beginner turn professionals in building a successful passive income online. Definitely recommendable by me. 

  27. hello, 

    I just did read the review you’ve made on wealthy Affiliate, i like your setup, i think it looks very professional and clear.

    Iv recently did go to the class about Reviewś, and i think you made a lot of effort of the tips frome Kyle. You did a nice sumop in the start, about what it was you are gone review.Following you had very clear headers. You where giving a great explanation about the website and about what is is they are doing.

    It is that i am already on WA otherwise i would have joint threw your review, you where sincere and honest.

    Also i think you made grade work on your visual’s, They where not overwhelming and the where clear. you also didn’t overloud it with Ads and that i like also. 

    The one thing i rather disliked was the feeling of reading a story off a sales man, especially on the last part of your padge, but its possible that, that is just me.

    Keep going i hope i while be able to come anywhere near the skills you added.

    Thanks fore this lesson.

  28. The people in the Wealthy Affiliate community are amazing people. When I first stepped into the tumultuous pool of affiliate marketing, a few community members guided me through the basics and helped me find my footing. Also, the training given at Wealthy Affiliate is well-detailed and easy to understand. I found the instructional videos very helpful as well. 

  29. Hi Sirshendu, I really enjoyed your online scam killer article. Wealthy affiliate sounds like a really thorough and comprehensive resource. My question would be is there anything else you would recommend or is wealthy affiliate really the best choice? I really would appreciate your honest advice. Thanks in advance of your response, Andrew.

    1. Hi Andrew, I really believe WA is the best out there. I am a member for over 3 years and I have tried and tested quite a few other platforms before deciding that WA is the place to be. It is definitely the best choice out there.

  30. Glad to find this article from another happy member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member for over four years and it is one membership I wouldn’t give up very easily. They have taught me how to build profitable websites and when you learn how to generate your own income from your own online business, there is nothing more rewarding.

    The community is also great and I can say without a doubt that Wealthy Affiliate definitely isn’t one of those make money quick scams that one sees so often online lately.

    1. Hi Michel, great to know you are a member of WA as well and you are benefiting from your experience. It really is a great community out there.

  31. Thank you for this great article. Putting together your number one recommendation is great, because then once you write about things that are scams, you can redirect people over to your number one recommendation. Wealthy affiliate is definitely a nice program.  I’m in my third month of the premium membership. That shows you that I thought it was good enough in order to pay for another month of membership when the previous month ended.

    It can take up to a year or even more sometimes for your website to start getting lots of visitors, and to start generating lots of commissions. As long as you make your affiliate links available, then With enough visitors, you will get commissions. It just takes time to get fully indexed in Google. I am looking forward to when my page really starts picking up, but for now I’m just creating the content.

    thanks again for this great article and do you think you could write about Onpassive? Or Tai Lopez’s thing from the YouTube advertisements. Those are two things I was always curious about so, whether or not they are legit. Thanks and have a good day!

  32. Thank you! I was wondering, out of all these programs, what was really the best way to make money online. Wealthy affiliate is definitely a mix of a training course, a community and also a web hosting provider. I have come to appreciate Wealthy Affiliates web hosting, because they include a lot of features to increase your website speed and effectiveness. 

    The wealthy affiliate web hosting program gives you a lot more than just a basic Bluehost program. Having access to the domain platform also saves you money because wealthy affiliate domains come with SSL certificate and other things that you would have to pay more for with other domain registrars.

    So thanks for your article and I definitely agree wealthy affiliate is good.

  33. Hello there. I am not surprised at this review. It is obvious that Wealthy Affiliate meets the standard when it comes to teaching how to build an online business to make money online and also provides the support and tools needed to do well. I was skeptical at first but my fears disappeared when I manage to give it a try. Afterall it is free to get started. The awesome community of like-minded individuals keeps me going, the training is awesome, the hosting is superb, the live classes are fabulous, the webinars are crazy. I feel Wealthy Affiliate is underpriced considering these features I have listed and many more that I am unable to list here which you have covered in this review. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to do well creating an online business that will flourish.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I really believe Wealthy Affiliate gives real great value for money and is one of the best training programs available.

  34. Hi

    Thank you very much for this detailed and very comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. You have covered all aspects to which a person will look into and need to know. It seems to be a very interesting programmes and seems to give the potential home business owner all the tools necessary to succeed in what  can be a difficult business to do so. I really appreciate you highlighting to what is involved, all the advantages and disadvantages. I always believe that when reviewing potential new business opportunities that an open and Frank discussion needs to take place. I may need to check this opportunity out.



  35. I share your opinion about Wealthy Affiliate. When joining, I did not expect such a great training – it makes a complete novice in the online business being able to successfully navigate through creating own website to becoming part of affiliate programs.

    But what I love the most is the community. Support received, readiness to help and share the knowledge… I refer to it as my online family. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is deffinitely the place to be, if you need to learn about affiliate business and are serious in making it work.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree WA is really the best. My Wealthy affiliate review is to motivate other people to take advantage of this amazing platform.

  36. Thank you so much for the awesome review!  There is a lot you went over and I can agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to go!  They offer so much, and cost so little, that you are practically stealing from them!  I love how they have helped me create three sites all based on passions of mine!  I highly recommend them to your readers!

    1. Thanks Jessies. Yes, I believe it is going to be an extremely powerful platform for my readers and subscribers. Thanks a lot for your wishes.

  37. Thanks a lot for a great review.

    WhatbI liked the most about the WA platform is how responsive is everyone (always willing to help you and influencing you positively). This has really been a great recommendation.

    The fact of getting 2 websites hosting to try for as long as you want at $0.00 indicates they have confidence on their product. WA delivers great value.

    I just went over an endless list of trainnig material picking and choosing were to start and how to move forward getting read of my ignorance! ; )

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, the value is really great. You get to host 2 websites even with the free membership. I have highlighted all the points in y Wealthy Affiliate honest review and hope you find this platform useful.

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