Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scams

“We are calling from Microsoft”, Most people dread these lines when they pick up the phone and hear it. Chances are you would have heard these lines once or maybe quite a number of times. Chances are that you would have been scared to pay them to “Update” your anti-virus system. Welcome to the world of Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scams. These scams have taken over the world and have duped millions of consumers for billions of dollars.


What are Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scams??

Scammers call up random customers throughout the world and tell them that they are calling from Microsoft and that they have received warning messages from their computers. The scammers will claim that the computers of the person they have called is filled with Malware, viruses, and Spyware making them susceptible to hackers and other dubious characters. They will say that Microsoft has got these reports directly from your computer and they will remove all these for a specific fee.

They will use each and every scare techniques they can find to ensure that you install a computer sharing application like TeamViewer and then give them control over your computer. Then they will force you o make payments for fake services and problems.

Billions of dollars have been duped and looted by these scammers in the last 10 years by using these scare techniques. It has been going on for quite some time now, but unfortunately, more and more people are still getting scammed throughout the world every day by these scammers.

What do I do when I receive these calls??

Whatever you do when you receive these Microsoft Windows Technical Support scam calls, do not encourage them. You should never give these unknown people control over your computer.

Remember Microsoft will never call you themselves to provide you technical support. They mostly will not even have your phone number, to begin with. All these calls are made randomly by these scammers by purchasing bulk telephone directories and calling these numbers using phony call centers. Disconnect these calls and report these numbers online to your countries cyber-cell.

What do I do if I have already been scammed??

If you have already been scammed by these fraudsters, you need to report it immediately to your countries cyber wing. Residents of United States of America need to report to FTC. Residents of Canada need to report to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. For Australia, it’s Scamwatch website and so on. You can get the details from Microsoft’s website. The link is

You can also submit a report to Microsoft using the same link.


Let’s fight Scams together

It is important that we fight scams together and make the online community scam free. If you have come across any scam, then kindly report it under my Report a Scam section, and I will tell you what you need to do next.

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