How Traffic Exchanges Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Well, it’s true. Traffic exchanges or Traffic Exchange programs are not as bad as they are normally perceived to be. Let us understand in details the pros and cons of Traffic exchange programs.

What is Traffic Exchange??

A traffic exchange program is a program where you gain free traffic to your website in exchange for you spending some time on other websites. Basically, you would take membership to traffic exchange websites, other members would visit your website and in return, you would visit their websites.


Advantages of using traffic exchange programs

The biggest advantage of using traffic exchange programs is the ability to generate free traffic. Normally when you enrol in a traffic exchange program, you are supposed to browse websites of other members. You get some credit based on the time you have spent on other member websites, and you can redeem these credits by getting other members to visit your websites. Normally no costs are involved unless you ae not willing to browse other sites and want to buy credits. Thus traffic exchange programs would help you generate a lot of traffic to your website for free.

Also, most good traffic exchange programs normally ensure that exchanges are happening in related niches. SO people who would be visiting your website would be from niches with similar interest. Thus the traffic would be targetted to some extent.

Traffic exchange programs definitely help you boost your Alexa rank, and it is really profitable in that respect. Traffic exchange programs can help you get more traffic in, and that really can’t be a bad thing?? Right??

Negatives of Traffic Exchanges

The biggest issue with traffic exchange programs is that the traffic which is visiting your website is primarily doing so not because of hs will, but to generate traffic for his own website. I mean, this traffic is not coming to your website because they are interested in your content, but they are just coming because they would like more people to visit their sites.

So they would not really be interested in reading your content and buying your products. Thus very few sales can be expected from this type of traffic. Also, a lot of these members would not even go through your site properly but would try to visit as many member sites as possible in their time slot in order to gain more credit. This can increase your bounce rate and hit your site rankings.

Another issue with traffic exchange programs is that Google does not allow Adsense on traffic exchange websites. This is because sometimes there are mindless clicking in these kind of sites by random visitors on the Adsense ads. This leads to weaker conversions and Google is absolutely strict on fake Adsense clicks.


In a Nutshell

Although the conversion rates of this kind of traffic to sales is very low, still this is a proven way of driving free traffic to your website. If you are not using Adsense on your website then you can definitely use traffic exchange programs. Remember, they are free sources of traffic, and few sales are definitely better than no sales.

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