How To Find Keywords For Your Website??

Most people understand the fact that Keywords research is essential to ensure higher rankings in search engines for their website. But most people make a mistake when researching for keywords. They tend to only go after popular keywords without understanding how it would affect the rankings.

Let us take a look at a few points which should be kept in mind while you are doing your keyword research.

What should you look for in Keywords??

  1. Low Competition:-The Keyword you are looking at should not have too many sites already using similar keywords. It would make your site’s chances of getting a higher rank even lesser.
  2. Must be already getting some traffic:- It is absolutely important that your keyword is already getting some traffic and some search is made everyday on those keywords. The traffic might not be huge, but Zero traffic would mean that people are probably not interested in that keyword and thus it would not have a positive impact on your site’s ratings.
  3. Must make sense:- The framing of the keyword has to be right grammatically. You must have come across sites where sentences are not framed properly just to ensure that keywords are in place. That is a wrong strategy. Search engines would actually punish you for these things.

If you follow these rules, keyword research becomes real easy. Let me introduce you to a Keyword research tool. Jaaxy is probably the best Keyword research tool available and you can do a few searches by entering the keywords you want to research just below in the Jaaxy search box.


You will be able to get data on how much competition is there, how much traffic these keywords are getting and much more for every keyword search you do.  Hope this helps you in building and marketing your website. All the best.

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