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Working from home or running an online business from home is something that millions want to do today. Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, housewives, students, freelancers and a lot of other people want to earn money from the comfort of their homes. No matter what you do, you would have to promote your work or your business, so that you can reach others with your skills or product. Thus knowledge of Digital Marketing is absolutely essential in today’s world. Whether you want to start an online business sitting at home, or are looking to work as a freelancer or promote your products- digital marketing is the only solution. So let us look at how digital marketing might be the solution to your needs.

How do you start an online business??

The best way to start an online business is to first think of a niche (an area which interests you), and then build a website or blog based on this niche and promote it. You can also build an e-commerce store to promote your products. The following infographic gives you an idea of how to start an online business sitting at home:-

Starting an online business

To do this successfully, you need to know the basics of website development, keyword research and most importantly digital marketing so that you can bring in people to your website and generate revenue.

How to work as a freelancer from home ??

If you have any specific skills, like website development, social media marketing, SEO, Video development, Infographic development etc, you can earn from your home by offering these services for a fee. But even for that, you need to market your skills so that clients can find you. Digital marketing is the only way to do that.

Work From Home jobs

Other than starting an online business or acting as a freelancer, you can also look for work from home jobs if you have good digital marketing skills. Most companies offer work from home jobs for their digital marketers and this is one of the fields where you can get the highest number of work from home jobs, no matter wherever you are in this world.

Free Online Marketing Course

Normally, online marketing courses are extremely expensive. I have been doing online marketing for the last 4 years and I thought I will provide a short course on Online marketing which will teach you the basics of online marketing and how to build a business from home or get a digital marketing job from home. This should give you enough knowledge so that you can look forward to building your own online business or getting a job as an online marketer. The following will be covered in this course:-

  1. Choosing a niche.
  2. Building your website
  3. Keyword research
  4. Doing On-page search engine optimization (SEO)
  5. Doing off-page SEO
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. PPC

and much more.

Normally such a course will be charged anywhere between $999 to $2999, but I will be teaching you all the basics for free. And don’t worry, although the course is free, the quality of the course will not be compromised. Even if you are a beginner with zero technical skills or zero knowledge about internet businesses, do not worry.  This course will teach you all the basics step by step and will also hand-hold you so that you can build a website or blog live while doing this course.

This course will be broken into small lessons each with actionable tasks so that you can get practical exposure to what you are learning. And who knows you might build an online business while learning from this course.

This course will be extremely newbie-friendly and would guide you no matter what your experience level is. So, Just fill-up the form below and enroll for the best free course available in the market for learning the basics of internet and online marketing. This would be great for people who want to start an online business sitting at home or for people who want to acquire knowledge so that they can freelance or get work from home jobs based on internet marketing or online marketing. I will teach you all that I know in a very systematic fashion. I would also give you a lot of bonus content along with regular course material. Such value is unheard of.

So just fill the form below and start your digital journey with me.



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For advanced users, you can take a look at the best online marketing course available on the internet to take your internet business to the next level by clicking here. This is absolutely top-notch stuff.

For beginners and newbies, enroll in the digital marketing free course and I will see you on the other side. After you have filled the form and enrolled, check your mailbox for my mails as I would be sending you course content every day. I wish you the very best in your digital journey, and I look forward to interacting with you regularly. In case you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the box below or mail me at or . See you inside the course.


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  1. A good training is critical for success in your online business! “Winging it” will waste a lot of time, energy, and money. That’s wonderful of you to offer this information for free. That will help many people decide if this sort of business is something they commit to without wasting money, and will certainly help people who have financial barriers to other costly courses.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I want to help people and give them enough confidence to do something on their own. Let’s hope my free curse on online marketing will be of good use to them. 

  2. Well, great article, i totally agree with you many people out there are tired of being employed and following job schedule, the idea of being a self boss is becoming rampant and having gone through your post i can see you are willing to help people from the beginners to develop an online business. I like it more that you go ahead to offer a seven day free trial, wow that’s great of you. I really appreciate you gifted heart of helping, i wish this post can reach many people, it’s of really great help. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I plan to help anyone who wants to become independent and start his own business or work from home. Let’s hope you will also find this useful. Thanks once again.

  3. A site that will attract many to make money from home and do marketing. Thanks for the free course that costs a great deal from others who teach it. is one of the profits of the internet very profitable. You have written a lot of blogs in four years. So you have a lot of experience in this business that is very worth it. I wonder if the blog can be maintained by itself

    1. Thanks for your interest. Yes, the blog can be maintained by itself. DO join the free course and try it out. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  4. Hey, Thank you for writing and helping us to start an online business from home. I enjoyed your post very much while reading and learn many useful tips.I found your Free Online Marketing Course is very useful for me. I recently started my business online. Now I am learning such useful thing to earn more. Thank you


    1. Hi Parveen, Thanks for your kind words….I was really glad to know the course helped and I would love to help you if you have any more queries….

  5. I appreciate your post and the free training that your provided here. I love the photo, where you visually presented all the steps – it makes reading easier and informs you at the beginning what will the free online marketing course be about. What I need the most is more information about Email Marketing, so I am sure your course will benefit me!

    1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, we will discuss email marketing in detail in the course. I sincerely hope that you will get answers to all your queries which you have regarding email marketing. Welcome to the course.

  6. Oh, this is just as greaty it gets. You know, you have explained what anybody needs to know about online marketing had how one can get the best of it. Now you mentioned that one can do this by choosing a niche which can be a person’s hobby but I would like to add that merging this with considering what I’d profitable is also really important. Nice post

    1. Hey, thanks a ton. I love to help entrepreneurs start their online ventures, and I hope my course would be helpful for them. 

  7. I’ve just read your post and is doing the short free course to build a website enough to make money without having to pay out for additional courses, even if they are at low cost?

    I’ve read what will be covered in this course and it does appear to be quite in depth which is good but I’m confused about what off page SEO means.

    Can you explain that please?

    1. Offpage SEO would include link building, guest blogging, etc. You can enroll in the course and check out> And don’t worry, it is completely free.

  8. One very easy and comprehensive article. Working from home is very enticing and would push anyone to go into it, but without the proper education about it, one would hardly make any progress in it. Social media marketing is one aspect of it that gets your site to be well known and get going. However picking a niche is quite tactical and if that is in place hard work would bring the rest.

    1. Hi Benson, in my free training on online marketing I will also discuss how to choose niches. In fact, I believe it is the most important decision in the entire stage, so special stress will be given to it. 

  9. Hi i think this is a very helpful article especially for people who are starting online businesses. I only started a month ago and i found the training very useful as an online business can be easier when the right and correct training is given. Is your training for beginners which have no experience ?Because most house wive are so busy they don’t know much about new technologies and they really want to do something to earn extra income. Thank you for helping with free training.

  10. Online marketing is a very lucrative business trend that has been dominating the online business world, to someone like me, I decided not to do any office job again after the last one because I need more time to get around with my family and also be a boss of my own. Online marketing requires you to choose a very good niche in order to be successful. The steps you’ve given are really nice.

  11. Hi, Sirshendu.
    Thanks for sharing your views on free training to start an online business. Whenever we see the word FREE on the Internet, it comes with a lot of bugs and unwanted things, but your page was very refreshing. Start from the lovely Infographic to the end – it captured my attention. Luckily I am the premium member of the course suggested in your # 1 Recommendation. Your  7 Days course will be very helpful in learning more about online business.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thanks, Gaurav. The training is absolutely free and I will not charge anything at any stage. It is a free training on online marketing and I am giving this free t help beginners. 

  12. You’ve really broken everything down for easy understanding. I liked the way you pointed out your ideas by using an image.

    Of cause when it comes to starting any online business, the first thing that may usually trouble people is finding the right niche. And this of cause I perceive your training covers. I’m a newbie to email marketing and I think I will also subscribe to understand how it works.

    Thank you for this invaluable information.

    1. Hey Kell, thanks for your kind words. Do enroll in the training and see if it is of any help to you. This is a digital marketing free fraining course and will teach you all the basics.

  13. Hi i think this is a very helpful article especially for people who are starting online businesses. I only started a month ago and i found the training very useful as an online business can be easier when the right and correct training is given. Is your training for beginners which have no experience ?Because most house wive are so busy they don’t know much about new technologies and they really want to do something to earn extra income. Thank you for helping with free training

    1. Hi….I do hope this training will be off great use to you. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want during the training.

  14. Working from home (and starting a business) can be a challenge but it’s very much worth it if you can be patient and trust yourself to get it done. I found that a lot of the issues I’ve had in the past could be solved simply by getting a good mentor or finding the right training to take.

    Beyond that, picking the right niche to get into can be tough because of the amount of options out there, phew!

    It’s cool to see you have links for Free Training, which is a good idea if you’re new to this kind of work 🙂 I’ll look into it when I get a chance. In the meantime, good article and good tips!


    1. Thanks Tyson. I hope you like my free training and am looking forward to your constructive feedback regarding the same.

  15. Thank you for another great post!  I really like how you broke this down, and you also made it clear that one must start with a Niche, and then go from there!  That is the beautiful thing about making money through making a website!  You can actually choose what you like and go from there!  I also like that you have a sign up for people who are beginners.  I was when I first started!  The 7 day free training is a must for any beginner!!

    1. Thanks, Jessie, I hope my free training will be helpful to newbie entrepreneurs who want to start an online business but don’t know how.

      1. I have trouble to find any confirmation for my subscription. Can you tell us if you send some for new subscribers?

        Thank you.


        1. Yes, there is a confirmation. You should be getting it very soon. Sometimes the server is slow in responding. You would get it shortly.

  16. Great aims require great tools and compromise.

    Thanks for providing hight quality level of courses to guide us through the process of making money online. The key elements to success will be determination, preparation and quality.

    I’not agree with the last step depicted in the picture…. Doing this, you’ll rest whenever you want to, but it’ll be so enjoyable to you that it’ll seems that you don’t need to rest at all.

    The world is in constant change and due to that reason we need to keep educating ourselves with consistency. 

    1. Thanks Juan….I will definitely try to ensure that the subscribers to my free internet marketing course get quality content for free.

  17. Well, sir, I am sure many people will be pleased with your blog with free training for those who wanted to get started but aren’t sure of where to start yet. This is a vast subject like with WA., you can do many things with that. 

    Be a teacher, a consultant for companies or individuals, freelance, e-commerce with your products, dropshipping, be an advertiser that creates ads with or without affiliate work, do MLM (multi-level-marketing), blogging or ghostwriting, get paid to set up websites for people or institutions.

    You offer great info cause I don’t remember seeing off SEO and link built and guest blogging in those “bling-bling” webinars and youtube videos!

    I’ve seen methods like the copy-paste, the Clickbank-JV Zoo-A Weber MLM types of set-ups, create videos on youtube and get paid by commenting on other videos, pay to earn (copywriter, game tester,etc.), click funnels, Commission Experts and all sorts of software to help you network and reach people for campaigns or influence or networking.

    There are literally TONS of god forsaking videos on youtube for like: work at home, not taught at school, earn x-y $ amount in an hour…How do you not get dizzy over it! They make more on the training than the actual “super methods” they promote! Also, type in work-at-home with no money or no experience or make 100$/day easy or make money fast with no effort, earn money on Audible…I could go on!

    I’ve lost quite a few hundreds of dollars with stuff that wasn’t tailored for me before I met Wealthy Affiliate of which I am a proud part of! Looking forward to seeing what you got for courses!

    What experiences did you encounter with “marketing”?What do you think of all those “bling-bling” shiny marketers out there stuffing money and houses in our face? Do some of their methods work and if so, do you presently use these?

    Thank you very much for gracing us with some sound marketing instruction!

    In the best of regards,


    1. Thanks for your comment Liz. Just remember, like in real life, in internet marketing too, all that glitters is not gold. If something is too good to be true, then it’s probably false. There is no easy way out in Internet marketing and hard work is required for success. Anybody saying that it can be achieved by very little work is definitely not saying the truth.

  18. Hi, While the opportunities have never been better for starting an online business. There is still an abundance of scammers out there. The scams have evolved, and become more and more deceitful. And harder to identify. If you can find the right platform, with the right people, you can build a home-based business in A much quicker time than you would imagine.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are right. The online world is full of scammers and my training is primarily targetted for people so that they can understand scams and stay away from scammers.

  19. Hello there. Owning an online business is what I have always wanted for years. I have seen so many persons making money with affiliate marketing online and some even do it full time. It’s so generous of you to offer this free 7 days digital marketing training for beginners. The course contents are interesting as I have read some little stuffs about them. I have no doubt that this will be good quality for free just as you have promised.

    Warm regards!

    1. Thanks. Yes, my training is absolutely free and has will take students through the basics of digital marketing so that they can make informed decisions in the future.

  20. Training is always useful for anyone considering starting a business online!  Definitely a lot faster to learn from those who have done it instead of learning by trial and error yourself!  It’s awesome that you’re offering a course for free for people who need to know the basics! Nice job, thank you!

    1. Thanks a lot. I am trying to help newbies gain some foothold into the digital marketing universe with my free digital marketing training. Hope it helps you.

  21. One of the basic requirements that must be in place to enable one successfully start an online business is training. As you pointed out, good quality training, especially now, is relatively expensive. So I really believe that this free training you’re offering is one that aspiring marketers need to take advantage of. Perhaps, most internet entrepreneurs would be way better off if they had a basic training at their disposal. I’m glad you shared.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the objective of my training is to ensure newbies gain a strong foothold into the world of digital marketing. Hope this helps them.

  22. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .After reading your registration, many people will be able to earn money from home and get on with life.I am a freelancer myself and I work online at home and after reading your registration I have a lot.And I love reading the tips you give.In order to start a business online, it is important for me to teach you a free online marketing course.

    1. Thanks, Shariful. This free training will help newbies slowly gain a foothold into the world of digital marketing and will grow in confidence when they would want to start an online business.

  23. Hey Great,

    Thanks for sharing a step breakdown on how to make money from home. 

    Any free training is welcomed, as people seem to charge for even the most basic of information. Great to see that you include PPC as that is something most people see to not cover; but for me it’s essential as google search engine results now seem to be very paid search heavy.

    1. Thanks Nate. My free digital marketing training will help newbies understand the basic concepts and steps of how to start an online business. Let’s hope it helps them become digital entrepreneurs.

  24. To make money from home has been very popular for years now.  And surely, one of the best ways to do this would be through an online business.

    Internet growth and popularity have made it easier for everyone to run and manage an online business.  It is easy, convenient and exciting – all from the comfort of home or anywhere else in the world.  However, to be successful and avoid the pitfalls, one needs to be skilled-up on several things.  As such, a good online marketing course is paramount.  And to have it for free is quite a bonus.

    Thank you for this informative article and for sharing the course.

    1. Thanks. This free training on digital marketing is aimed towards helping newbies gain a strong understanding of the basic concepts of digital marketing and ensure that they can start their online business and stay away from scammers.

  25. Rightly so that millions of people are seeking work from home or running an online business from home opportunities. The workplace is a somber thing these days, generally speaking. Jobs are used almost like weapons and are either scarce are extremely uninspiring. As such, it’s great to live in times when digital marketing has taken a foothold. This is all made possible due to technological advances of companies such as Google and Amazon. I think it’s awesome that you provide a free 7-day online course on how to achieve online success. I know a few people who could really benefit from this and I will definitely pass your post along to them. Thanks for the info and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  26. The steps you have outlined are the steps everybody teaches. You have mentioned that you will teach digital marketing free in 7 days. I have seen many courses which are free to join but after going through the free course you are asked to buy a series of tools, without which this training will not work. In what way your course is different from what others are teaching? After going through your free 7-day course can I start making money?

    1. Thanks for your comment. After going through my course you will be ready to start your online venture. Whether you make money or not would depend on your hard work and patience.

  27. I have looked into many, MANY work from Home, online businesses and have found that the one thing they lack, and which many people are  in need of, is training!  And if training is offered, it is usually money upfront and not very helpful.

    Most people do not know how to set up a blog or website.  Much less how to promote anything online!

    I am glad you are offering training for free at least. It would help a lot of people determine if this is something they can move forward with and make a success out of.  

    1. Thanks a ton for your comment. I hope that my free training will benefit a host of newbies who want to start online businesses.

  28. Excellent post, I know several freelancers who may find value from your article. It makes sense to develop a freelance job into a business by learning how to market one’s services. I couldn’t agree less. I’m glad to have taken the steps into venturing online. Well done and I will share it with those who are in need.

  29. Many a thanks for presenting such a beautiful article.Currently, there is a trend of income from the internet at home. This type of trend Made easier by offering your free course .Your free course is a time-consuming step in making millions unemployed people.

    A friend of mine is here to train you and make yourself proficient.I also want to create online business by training web development that will help me in your training.I would like to share one of your training articles in my account so that everyone can benefit.

  30. You are so right about how expensive some online training is. Even when they give you all sorts of ‘free’ gifts for joining, it is still outrageously expensive, and I don’t think the information they share is half as good a quality as Wealthy Affiliate. And no one offers a monthly payment. I have just started my online affiliate marketing journey, using Wealthy Affiliate, and I can attest to their excellent training and stellar support system. 

    While working from home is a dream for many, what they don’t seem to understand is that you still have to do some work. Everybody seems to want it all, for free. But a business is a business, and if you want it to succeed, you have to be willing to put in the work at the beginning. 

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely. It is an unexpected gift in a world of money grabbing. I wish you great success in your endeavours.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. My free course is made in such a way that newbies get to learn the basic concepts in a simple and fun way.

  31. Thanks for giving some knowledge to the readers about free training. There is a lot of training online. Many of them are a scam but some are good too. So it is important for freelancers to make them admit in a good site. It is important for entrepreneurs too. For online business one should take a good path. Today is the time of globalization. One can take any kind of course from any place of the planet.  Again online is a place that makes people skillful. 

    Learning your post one can learn a lot about online business courses etc. Thanks for your awesome post.

    1. Thanks a ton for your kind comments. I hope my free training will help freelancers and newbies in starting and growing their online business.

  32. I always find your article helpful, honest and encouraging. This is a type of information that will help any individual who is interested and confused about how to work online, what to do, what is expected and how to gain from all that. I would like to share this also on my social media platforms I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this among your other articles that I have gone through.

  33. I must say a big thank to you for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great to the public as it has been of help to me. I really did a lot of free freelancing and i must tell you it pays well but it’s not a very easy job, but after getting proper knowledge about affiliate marketing i had to switch.

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