CPA Affiliate Programs- The Best Networks

We had discussed the CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing model in our previous articles. You can read about what CPA is and what are CPA affiliate programs in my article about why CPA programs are very good for affiliate marketing. In this article, we will discuss a few CPA networks and how to enroll in these networks.

The Best CPA affiliate Networks

To promote CPA programs you would first require a network where you can get a range of affiliate programs. You need a network where you can get affiliate programs in various niches and also affiliate programs for different countries. Also, since more and more people are moving towards smartphones, so you need networks who can provide you with great mobile CPA offers. Here is a list of 5 CPA networks which I find are very good:-

  1. Peerfly– This is an excellent affiliate network with affiliates in over 165 countries and thousands of programs to choose from. It has offers for nearly every niche and it has excellent training modules to help the affiliates.


2. Maxbounty– Formed in 2004, it is one of the most popular affiliate networks in the world. The sheer fact that it has been around for so long makes it one of the most respected sites in the CPA affiliate domain.

3. Clickbooth– Probably one of the most popular affiliate marketing sites in the world, it is said that Clickbooth pays more than $100 million a year in affiliate commissions.

4. CPAway–  Voted consistently amongst the top 10 CPA networks, CPAway has a robust infrastructure and support to help you succeed in your CPA programs.

5. Above All Offers– Although this is one of the newest networks, still I recommend this because this is also one f the fastest growing. It has a great support team and is definitely an extremely dependable network.

Joining CPA Affiliate Networks

Once you find out the best CPA affiliate networks and decide on who to join, then you will have to apply in that network for an affiliate position. Actually, these networks are extremely reputable and thus they all have a screening procedure before they allow any new affiliate to join. The procedure is simple but effective.

Normally, you would have to fill a form where you need to give details about yourself, your experience in affiliate marketing, and details on the methods you would be using to promote the programs. They even allow newbies to join, so be careful and do not give false credentials just to push your way through. If you are honest, chances are that you will be selected without much hassle.

After that, you need to upload a few documents to prove your identity and after that, an affiliate manager will go through your application. He would get back to you with fresh queries if any, and if you can answer them properly you should get selected.

Now although, this looks difficult but it is extremely important that these networks do these checks to ensure high-quality advertisers and publishers. Like I said, if you answer everything truthfully you should get approved without any hassle.

Hopefully, this article would have given you some idea on how you can find the best CPA networks and join them. Do leave a comment about what you feel and you can also mail me at with your queries and I will get back to you.

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