How Traffic Exchanges Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Well, it’s true. Traffic exchanges or Traffic Exchange programs are not as bad as they are normally perceived to be. Let us understand in details the pros and cons of Traffic exchange programs.

What is Traffic Exchange??

A traffic exchange program is a program where you gain free traffic to your website in exchange for you spending some time on other websites. Basically, you would take membership to traffic exchange websites, other members would visit your website and in return, you would visit their websites.


Advantages of using traffic exchange programs

The biggest advantage of using traffic exchange programs is the ability to generate free traffic. Normally when you enrol in a traffic exchange program, you are supposed to browse websites of other members. You get some credit based on the time you have spent on other member websites, and you can redeem these credits by getting other members to visit your websites. Normally no costs are involved unless you ae not willing to browse other sites and want to buy credits. Thus traffic exchange programs would help you generate a lot of traffic to your website for free.

Also, most good traffic exchange programs normally ensure that exchanges are happening in related niches. SO people who would be visiting your website would be from niches with similar interest. Thus the traffic would be targetted to some extent.

Traffic exchange programs definitely help you boost your Alexa rank, and it is really profitable in that respect. Traffic exchange programs can help you get more traffic in, and that really can’t be a bad thing?? Right??

Negatives of Traffic Exchanges

The biggest issue with traffic exchange programs is that the traffic which is visiting your website is primarily doing so not because of hs will, but to generate traffic for his own website. I mean, this traffic is not coming to your website because they are interested in your content, but they are just coming because they would like more people to visit their sites.

So they would not really be interested in reading your content and buying your products. Thus very few sales can be expected from this type of traffic. Also, a lot of these members would not even go through your site properly but would try to visit as many member sites as possible in their time slot in order to gain more credit. This can increase your bounce rate and hit your site rankings.

Another issue with traffic exchange programs is that Google does not allow Adsense on traffic exchange websites. This is because sometimes there are mindless clicking in these kind of sites by random visitors on the Adsense ads. This leads to weaker conversions and Google is absolutely strict on fake Adsense clicks.


In a Nutshell

Although the conversion rates of this kind of traffic to sales is very low, still this is a proven way of driving free traffic to your website. If you are not using Adsense on your website then you can definitely use traffic exchange programs. Remember, they are free sources of traffic, and few sales are definitely better than no sales.

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Make Money Online From Home- Basic Strategies

Millions of people are joining the Internet everyday with the objective of making money online. New opportunities are coming up everyday targeting these people. Products screaming about how you can make money online from home. Some of these opportunities are genuine, but most are scams of different types. You can read my reviews of different products and find out about them.

Today I will discuss with you one of the best strategies in building your own online business  and ensure that you make money online from home.



What is the best way to make money online from Home??

First things first, you should avoid anything which tells you that it will help you make money overnight or something which tells you that making money is easy. Lets get this straight, it s not easy. You will require hard work and will have to learn new skills to ensure that you succeed. But one thing is true, if you have the will and if you are ready to slog it out, then definitely you can make money online, and you can build up your own business from home.

One of the most popular methods of building your own online business is through Affiliate marketing. It is a proven method of building your long-term business online and ensuring that you are successful in making a long-term income source. If you have an interest, you can make money by blogging about your interests. That is the magic of affiliate marketing.


The world of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing helps you convert your hobbies or interests into a long term online business.

You can chose a niche which interests you and build up a business around it. A niche is a small section of any topic which interests you. For example, if you are interested in weight-loss then losing belly fat for men can be your niche. You can build your business promoting men’s weight loss products.

The info-graphic here gives you an idea on how to build your own affiliate marketing business. You need to first chose your niche, then you need to research on that niche. You need to then start building a website or WordPress blog on that niche. It is not difficult at all to build a website. You can read my article on the same here.


After you have chosen your niche and designed your website or blog, you need to start writing articles which will help you promote your products. For this you need to first research on the keywords related to your niche that would attract people to visit your website. You can read my article on keyword research, and understand the best ways to do so.

Once your research is done, you can start writing articles using these keywords about your niche. These articles should also have links to the products you are selling.

After the articles are written, you need to stat promoting your website to ensure more people visit your website and you have more sales. You can read my articles on how to promote your website and learn about different methods to drive traffic to your website.

You need to ensure that you are constantly writing articles and promoting your site. This way you can have a long term business built around your interest.

How to get started with Affiliate marketing??

All this may look extremely difficult and you may think that it is nearly impossible to get started with your online business. But trust me it is not that difficult. Definitely it will not be a walk in the park, but you can build your own long-term business from scratch and ensure that the business is a successful one.

To learn more on how to do it, you can join the Free online course from my Homepage.

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Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scams

“We are calling from Microsoft”, Most people dread these lines when they pick up the phone and hear it. Chances are you would have heard these lines once or maybe quite a number of times. Chances are that you would have been scared to pay them to “Update” your anti-virus system. Welcome to the world of Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scams. These scams have taken over the world and have duped millions of consumers for billions of dollars.


What are Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scams??

Scammers call up random customers throughout the world and tell them that they are calling from Microsoft and that they have received warning messages from their computers. The scammers will claim that the computers of the person they have called is filled with Malware, viruses, and Spyware making them susceptible to hackers and other dubious characters. They will say that Microsoft has got these reports directly from your computer and they will remove all these for a specific fee.

They will use each and every scare techniques they can find to ensure that you install a computer sharing application like TeamViewer and then give them control over your computer. Then they will force you o make payments for fake services and problems.

Billions of dollars have been duped and looted by these scammers in the last 10 years by using these scare techniques. It has been going on for quite some time now, but unfortunately, more and more people are still getting scammed throughout the world every day by these scammers.

What do I do when I receive these calls??

Whatever you do when you receive these Microsoft Windows Technical Support scam calls, do not encourage them. You should never give these unknown people control over your computer.

Remember Microsoft will never call you themselves to provide you technical support. They mostly will not even have your phone number, to begin with. All these calls are made randomly by these scammers by purchasing bulk telephone directories and calling these numbers using phony call centers. Disconnect these calls and report these numbers online to your countries cyber-cell.

What do I do if I have already been scammed??

If you have already been scammed by these fraudsters, you need to report it immediately to your countries cyber wing. Residents of United States of America need to report to FTC. Residents of Canada need to report to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. For Australia, it’s Scamwatch website and so on. You can get the details from Microsoft’s website. The link is

You can also submit a report to Microsoft using the same link.


Let’s fight Scams together

It is important that we fight scams together and make the online community scam free. If you have come across any scam, then kindly report it under my Report a Scam section, and I will tell you what you need to do next.

Also if you want to know how to fight such scams, how to understand which products are scams and learn how to build an online business, you can join my free course. You can get the enrolment form on my homepage. The course is absolutely FREE. Throughout the course, I would be giving you tips on identifying dubious products and would also teach you how you can build your online business from scratch. Join this course for free and we can together ensure a scam free and healthy online environment.

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PaysForever Review: Do Not Buy Before You Read This

PaysForever is a Multi Level marketing (MLM) program which promises to pay you instantly once the sale is made, thereby removing the risk of not getting paid. But is the product worth the fee they charge or is it another scam?? Read the PaysForever review to find out.

Product Name – PaysForever
Website –
Price- $39
Owners- Charles and Susan Truett
My rating:- 2.5/10




What Works??

  1. PaysForever has a simple concept, which is easy to understand and implement.
  2. Immediate commission payment for every affiliate sale. No need to wait for a minimum payment amount, get paid immediately for sales made.
  3. The package includes a website for promoting PaysForever.
  4. Might give you some quick money if you have a strong personal network.

What does not work??

  1. A typical Pyramid scheme which does not offer any product but just focusses on downline building.
  2. No long term products to sell. The free products included are backdated. (Other than the website).
  3. The first sale goes to your sponsor.
  4. Difficult to promote. You might have to be dependent on only your close network.

Analysis of PayForever

The concept of PaysForever is pretty simple. You become a member by paying $39, and then you get an affiliate website which you can use to promote the program. Of the $39, $20 will immediately go to your sponsor, and hence their claim of immediate payment and the rest will be kept by the owners as administrative expenses. Now once people start joining your network, they pay the same $39 fee. You will not get paid for the first person who joins you. That $20 will go to your sponsor. You start getting paid from the 2nd person who joins you. Similarly, you get paid for the first person who joins your downline’s network.


This means, along with the sales made directly by you (other than your first sale), you also get residual income from your downline’s first sales. Although this seems like a good scheme, you are basically dependent on your downline’s sincerity for your residual income.

Also, what makes it difficult is the fact that there are actually no proper products to promote. One good thing about this program is that they actually accept this and mention this. The sales page does not bullshit you into believing that you are getting superb value for money stuff, and makes it clear that the primary goal is network building. This I found as pretty impressive, and thus I have not marked this product as a Scam.

But unfortunately, this also makes it a difficult scheme to sell and also a short term one. The products which they are giving free are pretty outdated and generally come with a negative review. So you will not be able to use them as a promotional tool and will have to only depend on people who are looking to build an MLM network.


The above picture shows the free products given with the program, and you would realize that these would hardly be used as hooks to get more members to join your network. So thus you are actually left with only the network marketing part and thus you would evidently run around your existing network trying to push this product. This might be a good one time sale for quick money if you are looking at short term income and if you already have a strong network. But this would be an uphill task if you are building your network from scratch.

In a Nutshell

PaysForever might act as an add-on sales product for experienced marketers, but it is not at all a product to build a long term business. Thus beginners should stay away from this.

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Also, in case you are wondering what exactly is the best product when it comes to building an online business and making money, you can check out my #1 recommendation.

I hope my PaysForever review has been able to clear your doubts about the product. Please leave a comment below on what you think about the review. You can also mail me at and I will get back to you.

What Is Banner Advertising??

Banner Advertising is probably one of the most popular forms of online advertising and is used widely for product or website promotion. You can see banners in probably every website you visit. Let us take a detailed look at exactly what is banner advertising and its different methods.


What is Banner Advertising??

Banner is a method of advertising your website or products, by placing rectangular graphic displays on different websites. These displays would be highlighting your products or websites and the objective of using these displays or banners is to attract the visitors of the host website to your product/website.

Banners are normally of two types:-

  1. A rectangular display which stretches across the top or bottom of a website. These are called Leaderboards.
  2. A rectangular display which stretches on the left or right sidebars. These are called Skyscrapers.

Banner Advertising Payment Methods

The first question that would come to your mind is why would some other website host my website’s banner?? The reason is simple, they would be paid for advertising my website in theirs.

There are different methods of arriving at a payment criterion but there are 3 most popular methods of fixing the advertising rate:-

  1. Cost per impression (CPM)- In this method, the host gets paid for every website visitor who sees the advertisers ad. They are normally charged per thousand impressions. For example, a CPM 0f $3 for a banner ad means that the host would charge $3 per 1000 times the ad is displayed on his site.
  2. Cost per click (CPC)- In this method, the host gets paid every time a visitor clicks on the advertiser’s banner. This means that the advertiser would be paying the host for visitors of his websites who visit the advertiser’s website. The rates are higher than CPM because here you are paying for traffic to your website which gets diverted from the host website.
  3. Cost Per Action (CPA)- In this method, the host gets paid when a visitor from his site clicks on the banner and then goes to the advertiser’s site and completes some action. For example, the visitor clicks the banner and goes to the advertiser’s site and then fills up an enrolment form there. This is the costliest method of banner advertising because here you are paying for a specific action on your site to the advertiser.

The methods you use will primarily depend on the product or campaign. If you require a huge traffic to your site, then you can focus on CPM or CPC, but when you are promoting an expensive or an unusual product and you are only concerned about sales, then you go for the more costly CPA method.

There are other methods of advertising also, but these 3 are most commonly used.


In a nutshell

Banner advertising is probably one of the most popular methods of online advertising. They are incredibly effective if the campaign and the ads are designed properly. But if the ads are not designed properly or are confusing then you tend to lose a huge amount of money in advertising costs. Thus it is important that you are very clear on how you plan to build and post your banners.

Hopefully, this article would have helped you in understanding what is banner advertising and its various methods. You can enroll in my online course on Understanding Scams and learn to build your own online business for free. You can access the course from my Homepage.

Kindly leave a comment below in case you need any more clarification or have any question to ask and I will get back to you soon.

What Is Safelist Advertising??

Safelists have come up as an advertising tool in the last few years. A lot of internet marketers have been using Safelists to market their products. We would take a look at the pros and cons of Safelists advertising and marketing methods. But before that let us look at exactly what is Safelist advertising??


What is Safelist Advertising??

A Safelist is primarily a membership based email list where members mail to each other and promote their products. Each member has to first opt-in to receive these emails. So these mails will not be considered as spams as the full list is an opt-in list. Normally in most Safelist programs if you opt out of the mailing list, you will also lose the ability to send your promotional mails to the members.

Advantages of Using Safelists

Safelist is coming up as an internet marketing tool and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, most Safelist products offer a free membership, which enables you to send your promotional emails to other members for free. Although there is normally a cap to the number of free emails you can send, you can earn more email credits by reading more emails of fellow members. This feature actually encourages members to read the offerings sent by other members, since in return they also get to email more members. You can also purchase upgrade packs to send more emails to members and increase your email sending cap.

Safelists also feature a 100 percent opt-in model. That means each and every member has opted to receive these emails and so they cannot cry spam. So you can send your promotional features to this group without any worries of being listed as a spammer. This gives you peace of mind while promoting your online business.

Also, most good Safelist Products have a huge database of members. thus you get to promote your products to a huge group for free or for at a very cheap rate.


Disadvantages of using Safelists

The first thing to remember is that the group of members members to whom you are promoting your products are actually a set of sellers, and not buyers.

That means that nearly all of these members are actually here to primarily promote their own products and not buy somebody else’s products. Thus their interest levels in responding to your promotion is very less. Remember, that they are primarily opening emails because they get free credits so that they can themselves send more and more emails. Thus they are primarily reading your promotions because they want to promote their own products and not because they want to buy your products.

Which effectively means that your sales will be low in numbers. Forget sales, even clicks to your affiliate or your website links will also be low from this group of users.

Final Verdict

Safelists can be an useful add-on tool to your promotional campaign but they cannot be the base of your campaign. The conversions are pretty low, but since using these services are either free or come at a very cheap price-point, thus you do not have anything to lose by trying Safelists. At the worst case scenario there will be no sales, but hey, you are not spending anything. You might actually get some traffic and sales for free and that is never a bad thing.

There are other methods to promote your site and I discuss in details quite a few of these methods in my free course on avoiding scams and learning online marketing techniques. You can access the course from my Getting Started section.

Remember, this course is absolutely free and you will get a clear insight on what to avoid and what you need to do to make money online. Do join the course for free and you will not regret it.

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Why Am I Not Making Money Online??

Everyone who is into online marketing has definitely faced this question at some point in their lives- Why am I not making online? What are others doing that I am not doing? You get to see success stories all around but unfortunately, you can’t see yourself as one. What went wrong?? The answer probably is simple. You have not build trust with your readers yet.


Analyzing what went wrong??

Ok, so you can see a lot of people around you who are claiming to make money online, but you are yet to see success. You have tried marketing different products through your websites and blogs but probably have not been able to taste the sweetness of success. The only question in your mind is that why is it that you are not making money online?? You need to sit back and think. Revisit your website and the articles you have written to promote your affiliate products and then think, think hard.

Do these articles attract you as a neutral reader? Does it indulge you? Does it make you want to read more?? Does it make you want to buy the product you are promoting?

Remember, the person who is buying is a normal human being and not a machine. Your articles should be targetted to influence and convince fellow humans to buy the products you promote. And for that, you need to build trust with your readers. They need to trust your decision and invest in it. Your article has to make your reader believe that you are providing the solution to his problems.

Building trust with your audience


Trust does not come naturally. It has to be build, and you have to work hard for that. And only after that will your audience buy from you. Let me discuss a few techniques which I believe can help you build trust with your audience:-

  1. Writing well researched and unique articles: – First thing you need to stop is copying from other blogs and building up an article based on that. Your readers will find out sooner or later that you have nothing new to offer, and that would be a very negative scenario for you and your website. It is important that you spend some time researching your article and then writing it. Rehashed articles hardly help in building trust or sales.
  2. Get comments and reply to them: – Encourage your visitors to comment on your articles, and ensure that you reply to those comments. These comments help build up a relationship with your audience and acts as a great source to build up audience trust. It really helps to make your audience believe that they are important to you and what they think matters to you a lot.
  3. Build up an email mailing list: – Get your readers to leave you their email IDs and build up a mailing list. You can offer them a free review in return, or maybe a free report related to the products offered on your website. For example, for websites promoting weight-loss products you can provide a free report on obesity and its harmful effects. Later you can build up a relationship with them through email marketing. But remember not to spam them with too many hard sells. Then the trust you built will probably not last long.

These are 3 basic methods to build trust with your audience and ensure you get more sales. There are a lot of other methods but these 3 are the most common one used by online marketers.

If this article has been helpful, do leave a comment and I would reply. To learn more about affiliate marketing and different ways to make money online, you can enrol in my free 7-day course on basics of affiliate marketing. The course is absolutely free and I discuss a wide range of topics and teach you step by step, how to build your own online business. You can enrol for free from my Getting Started section.

You can also reach me at and I will definitely reply back.

AffiloBlueprint Review: Do Not Buy Before You Read This

AffiloBlueprint is an Affiliate Marketing training course that teaches you the basics of Affiliate marketing step by step. But is it effective, or is it one of the many so-called-training-programs available in the market which basically teaches you nothing? Read my AffiloBlueprint Review and decide for yourself.

Product- AffiloBlueprint
Owner- Affilorama(Mark Ling)
Price:- $197
Rating- 8 out of 10

What is AffiloBlueprint??

AffiloBlueprint can be termed as your step by step coach to affiliate marketing. It is a 12 part video series with more than 91 videos which teaches you step by step the basics of affiliate marketing. From choosing your niche, finding keywords, building your website to promoting your website, everything is covered. Designed by Mark Ling this is one product which works.

What Works???

  1. 12 part video series with more than 91 lessons teaching you everything about affiliate marketing following a step by step approach.
  2. Structured Homeworks which will help you apply the concepts you have learned and in that process build up your business from scratch.
  3. Access to Affilothemes- A premium WordPress theme for your website.
  4. Free Hosting for your website for 1 year.
  5. Continuous support.
  6. Designed by Mark Ling, who is a very successful name in affiliate marketing.

What doesn’t work??

  1. The price is a bit on the higher side. Also, it is more suitable for beginners and intermediate marketers.
  2. Only 1 theme is included for your website.

Analysis of AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint provides you with 91 training videos broken into 12 sections, teaching you the basics of affiliate marketing. This product is actually great for beginners since it teaches you step by step and starts from scratch. Also, the homework’s are designed so that you build up your business while completing them. Thus for beginners, who have no experience in affiliate marketing this product may come as a boon.

The videos are easy to follow and they actually demonstrate each and every task they teach, which makes it great for understanding and applying the concepts. Affiliate marketing can be a great business if you learn it correctly and this tool seems good for it. But the videos might not excite marketers who already have some knowledge and have done a bit of affiliate marketing in the past.

You also get access to a WordPress theme called Affilotheme, which helps you build your website with just a few clicks. You also get hosting for your website for free (1 year).

The support community is also very good and is available to help you solve your problems which you might face while building your business. A lot of focus is given to the generation of website traffic and that impressed me quite a lot. Without traffic your business is useless, so the focus on traffic generation methods shows that the course understands and focusses on what is required to succeed in your online business.

The course also guides you in finding the best products to promote for your niche and that reduces your headache in looking around the internet for authentic products to sell.

Overall, the course structure was pretty good and this seems like a great product for beginners in affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell

AffiloBlueprint is recommended for beginners in Affiliate and Online marketing. The training is good and covers all the basic aspects step by step. Definitely recommended. You can join by clicking here.

In case you are absolutely new to Affiliate marketing, and are wondering about how to make money online, I suggest you join my absolutely free course on understanding scams and learning how to make money online in my Getting Started section. I will personally guide you and help you succeed online and there is absolutely no fees for this. You can also mail me at or leave a comment in the comments section and I will get back to you with my suggestions.

Affilorama Honest Review- DO Not Join Before You Read This

Is Affilorama the best affiliate marketing training program?? Or is it a Scam?? Read my Affilorama Honest Review to find out.

Product- Affilorama
Price- Basic Membership is Free.
Owner- Mark Ling
Rating- 8 out of 10


What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an Affiliate marketing training program developed by Mark Ling. Mark Ling is a renowned name in the Affiliate marketing field and he is quite popular for his Jamorama program. The best part is that the initial membership is free and you get access to quite a few brilliant training modules without paying a single penny. It is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs available in the market.

What Works:-

  1. Over 100 free lessons covering every aspect of affiliate marketing. From choosing niche’s to developing of websites to bringing in traffic. Nearly everything is covered.
  2. Access to Affilorama forums to keep in touch with the members and get help when required.
  3. Regular Webinars covering different fields of affiliate marketing.
  4. Great for beginner or intermediate affiliate marketers.
  5. Affiliate tools which is a set of tools essential for every affiliate marketer is free to use.
  6. The owner is a respected name in affiliate marketing, who has been there and done it. So what he teaches makes a lot of sense.

What does not work??

  1. The paid products are costly.
  2. Most of the Webinars focus less on skills and more on up-sells.
  3. A few concepts are old fashioned hence can’t be used today.

Honest Analysis of Affilorama

Developed by Mark Ling, Affilorama is one of the best affiliate marketing training program available in the market. In fact it is my 2nd best recommendation for training. (My best Affiliate marketing training program review can be read here).

More than 100 training videos which will teach you all the basics of affiliate marketing. Separate modules are there for Introduction to Affiliate Marketing, choosing your Niche, building your website, driving traffic and many more. Each module has different training videos which will clear your concepts and help you become more confident on that topic. The below picture shows you the different videos for the Introduction to affiliate marketing module.

These videos are great for any beginner internet marketer and is helpful for intermediate marketers too.

You also have access to affiliate programs to start your own affiliate business, with separate products to promote. You also have access to Affilo tools which helps you in tracking your website performance and planning different campaigns and you get this for free.

In the flip side, if you plan to purchase the advanced products then the cost becomes a barrier. I have reviewed them separately in this website itself. You can read about AffiloBluprint here.

Overall, Affilorama is truly one of the best affiliate marketing training program. It is my 2nd best recommendation and the best part is that it is free to join. You can join here for free.

You can also join my free 7 day course which will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and it is absolutely free. Visit my Getting Started page and join the course for free. Also, do comment on how you liked my post and let me know if you would like to know anything more. You can also mail me at and give your feedback.


Create Your Own Website- Breaking All Myths

Websites are the lifeline of an online business. If you are serious about making money online or about building your business online, then be sure about it- YOU WILL HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE AT SOME POINT OF TIME. I am sure you have heard of a few myths as to how difficult it can be. So its time to break all myths regarding websites.

Myth 1- I Have heard creating a website is really difficult??

This is a myth I keep on hearing everyday. Most people believe that it is difficult to create your own website. But the truth is that creating your website is very simple. A lot of tools are available which can help you create your websites without a single line of code. So you can easily build up a website even if you do not know coding at all.

You can enroll for a free online training course, by visiting my getting started section. In this course I will teach you the basics of website building for free. So go ahead and enroll for free.

Myth 2- It takes a lot of time to create a website.

Guess how much time it takes to set up a website. 1 day?? 12 hours?? 1 hour??.

No. No. No.

Actually, you can create your own website within a minute. Yes, writing content will take time. And writing content is actually a job which will go on throughout the lifetime of your website. But, that’s a different story altogether.

But to setup the website, it would take hardly a minute. You will be surprised to know how easy and fast it is to create your own website using WordPress.

Myth 3-Creating websites is a very expensive affair

Another very popular myth is that it is very expensive to create your own website. Well, what if I tell you to forget expenses, you can even create your own website for FREE. Yes, Free, ABSOLUTELY FREE. You do not need to put in any money to build your own website and you can ake one for absolutely FREE. Howz that????

If you have been reading this article till now, I am sure you would be pretty intrigued thinking is all what I said true. Well, it is. Creating your own website is easy, fast and free. You may join my free course where I will teach you all these and much more. Just go to my Getting Started page and enroll there. You might also check my No 1 recommendation, which is probably the best training platform I have ever seen. It will guide you in not only building your own websites, but also on how to build your online business step by step. It is a wonderful community of entrepreneurs who will help you reach your goals. And the best part is that joining this community is free.

I hope you have found this article helpful, and it has helped in making you believe that you are completely capable of creating your own website. DO leave a comment letting me know how you liked it. You can also mail me at and let me know what you feel.