5 reasons why you need to learn copywriting in 2020

Have you written tons of content for your blog and websites, but struggling to find visitors or sales?? Have you spent thousands in ads but still can’t understand nothing is working? Read on, probably I have the solution to your problems.

What is Copywriting??

Copywriting is the form of writing content for marketing or sales or advertising. Today, I see thousands of people starting blogs and writing content. They also advertise in various formats, like social media or search engines. And they suddenly see that nothing is working. They write quite a few articles and spend thousands on ads, but no results are forthcoming. So what exactly went wrong?? Well, the answer is simple. What you wrote was not engaging enough. So, what you wanted to convey got lost inside your content. It did not come out clearly and engagingly.

Copywrting is important
Where did I go wrong?? Why are my content and ads not converting??

You have to remember while building content online, that you will have to SELL THROUGH THE WRITTEN WORDS. Yes, here you are not meeting your reader in person so that you can discuss the various points in a personal way. Your audience will have to make decisions just by reading your content or seeing your ads, and hence what you write becomes so important.

Today, we will discuss 5 important reasons why learning copywriting should be a priority for you in 2020:-

  1. To make your content more engaging?

    With thousands of blogs and websites opening every day in every niche, it is not enough for your content to be informative or innovative only. It would also have to be engaging. The customer needs to feel engaged and would want to learn more. And all these have to be achieved only through the written word. So, copywriting is not only important, but it is also essential.

  2. To make your ads get better results.

    Not only should the content of your blog or website be engaging, but your ads also need to have the perfect wordings for your audience to engage with them. Otherwise, you will be spending tons on ads without any real result. Thus it is important you learn how to write ad copy as well.

  3. To make your sales page convert more

    Near every blog or website have a sales page. I have seen people spending tons of cash in bringing people to their sales page, and then scratch their heads in frustration when this traffic does not result in sales. The answer is simple, your written sales page was not convincing enough for your audience. Hence it is of absolutely vital importance that your sales page copy is written to perfection.

  4. To make your videos more engaging

Not only should your written content and ads be engaging, but it is also important that your videos are copywritten properly. With millions of videos available on the internet, the viewers would discard any video which is not engaging and enticing.

5. To write absolute winning headlines

Research data shows that readers only read articles whose headlines have caught their attention. So, although most people do not care much about the headlines of their articles, content, or videos, they are actually missing the most important aspect of engagement by neglecting headlines. Thus you need to write really winning headlines.

Learn Copywriting
Copywriting helps you succeed

So, these are 5 basic reasons why copywriting is absolutely essential for your online business and why you should learn to Copywrite.

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Operation Brace Yourself: Understanding the DME Scam

DME or Durable Medical Equipment is equipment required by an individual as preventive or curative measures to fight against specific physical ailments. Different braces, blood sugar monitors, crutches are examples of DME. These equipment are covered under Medicare or Medicaid as well as several PPO insurances in the USA. Operation Brace Yourself was a joint initiative f Medicare and FBI to stop the nationwide scam which was going on in the United States worth billions of dollars.

Durable Medical Equipment

How the DME Scam Worked

To put it simply, the braces manufacturers had tied up with several doctors throughout the USA and had bribed them to prescribe false braces for patients. Then these manufacturers employed call centers specifically in the Philippines and Egypt amongst other countries and got their agents to call up residents of the USA and get their medicare Part B data. Then they would get these doctors to write false prescriptions for different braces and then bill Medicare for the same. Thus braces were being sent to people who did not need them and the real needy were not getting the same. Medicare went on paying Billions of dollars for these braces which were falsely prescribed. The doctors and the manufacturers made huge money from these deals and the scam ran to billions of dollars which were primarily paid by Medicare.

Operation Brace Yourself

Operation Brace Yourself

In April 2019, the Federal Bureau along with Medicare started raiding various manufacturers and Doctors. They unearthed this billion-dollar scam and arrested more than two dozen people which included doctors as well as manufacturers. They named this Operation brace yourself and realized that several elderly people were been given braces which they did not require and they were billing the same to Medicare. The doctors were being bribed to write these prescriptions and the doctors were doing so without consulting or examining the patients. The doctors were talking to the patient once over the telephone and sometimes not even that was being done.

As a result, a lot of private information was being used by these different organizations and the Medicare data was getting compromised. Medicare was billed thousands of dollar per case for braces which were not required by patients. Operation Brace Yourself effectively put an end to this racket throughout the country.


After the arrests were made, most of these manufacturing companies stopped their sales operations. A lot of call centers around the world which were being used as the front end to generate these sales were sent out of operations. Cases were slapped against the accused and the justice procedure has started. Roderic Bain, one of the accused, who is the CEO of a Georgia based DME firm has been sentenced to more than 40 months of imprisonment along with other fines for the same.  Others are also awaiting a similar fate.

The greed of a few people created such a massive scam which not only created a huge loss for Medicare but also misused funds paid by common citizens as well as compromised on Medicare data for elderly people. It is indeed great news that such a devious scam has been put to an end.

I hope you liked this informative article regarding one of the biggest scams of the decade and how Operation brace yourself put an end to the scam. Do post a comment below and let me know what you felt regarding this article and also let me know if you want to more about any specific scam.

In case you want to report a scam you can visit this page and do so. I will try to find all the details on the same and get back to you.

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Wealthy Affiliate- The best way to learn affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing is regarded as a field which holds an insurmountable potential for profits. However, in today’s era, it is rare to acquaint yourself with a reliable affiliate marketing platform since most of the organizations are solely focused on profiting off of people’s desire to learn. Much like any other curious and ambitious marketer, I was scouring the internet for a reliable solution that could aid me in utilizing my skills to eventually earn a living. After innumerable hours of research, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. To ease the task of finding an effective affiliate marketing platform and eliminate the common skepticism, the following is an honest Wealthy Affiliate review from a perspective of someone who has experienced it first hand.

Build your online business
Wealthy Affiliate- the best way to learn affiliate marketing

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?  

Before I detail the distinctive elements of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I want to mention that the following is not a sales pitch from a representative of Wealthy Affiliates; instead, you should treat this Wealthy Affiliate review as a detailed guide compiled by someone who wishes to aid his fellow affiliate marketers in their quest of profiting through their marketing skills.

With that being said, I firstly want to mention the elements that are generally overlooked in most of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews – the primary intention behind the same. In an age where businesses are determined to exploit curious individuals, Wealthy Affiliate provides an environment that is directly opposite to the toxic trends of today. Honestly, I went in expecting that Wealthy Affiliates would ask me for my credit card details before getting started, much like most of the affiliate marketing platforms of today. However, the truth was surprisingly pleasant. Instead of asking me for my bank details, Wealthy Affiliates encouraged me to sign up as a free member to acquaint myself with their business models and services. It wasn’t long until I was convinced to upgrade to their premium membership.

What truly impressed me was the primary aim behind the platform. Wealthy Affiliate is built with the sole intention of providing capable marketers with reliable knowledge to kickstart their affiliate business. Added to the noble intentions, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is also integrated with effective marketing and website development solutions to further ease the procedure of building the foundation for your affiliate business.

What are the Initial Benefits?

The following details the distinctive benefits that make Wealthy Affiliate one of the most efficient affiliate marketing platforms.

  • Interaction with Expert Community

    Wealthy Affiliate’s vast and interactive community is arguably the element of the platform. Instead of ushering yourself into a competitive crowd, you’re greeted with open arms by the members of Wealthy Affiliate community that are willing to aid you in your affiliate business venture. Initially, I was worried about how interactive the forums might be. Fortunately, I soon realized that Wealthy Affiliate boasts of some of the most productive crowds that you can find in an affiliate marketing platform. The issues that I was struggling through in the start were instantly resolved when I visited the online forums where members provided me with an array of reliable solutions to my problem.

  • Efficient Building Tools

    Wealthy Affiliate is integrated with the SiteRubix platform which is built to seamlessly create and maintain websites with minimal technical knowledge. I was certainly skeptic when the Wealthy Affiliate platform promised that I would have my own business website up and running in the span of 34 seconds. I’m glad to say that they were true to their promise. I had my own website functioning in the span of mere minutes after being introduced to the service. Additional to that, they didn’t compromise on the quality to provide the aforementioned publishing speeds. My website was also layered over with SSL protection to ensure my authenticity to my customers. All I had to do was choose a domain, a title, and the starting theme for my website to create a fully-functional WordPress-based website.

  • Reliable Training Solutions

    Before choosing the ideal affiliate marketing platform, there were a few things that I knew that I couldn’t compromise on. A reliable knowledge pool to acquaint me to the field of affiliate marketing held the top priority among the same. Wealthy Affiliate checks that box and provides you with more than what you might initially expect. Even as a free user, I was given access to training courses curated by industry experts to walk me through the functions of the platform. Added to that, as a free member, I was also given access to 1-to-1 coaching classes for the initial 7 days to provide me with an efficient knowledge pool about the basics of the field. Upgrading to a premium user, I was provided with additional and unrestricted access to live classrooms, 7 phases of affiliate Bootcamp, and added website support for my affiliate business.

  • Added Marketing Aids

    Wealthy Affiliate is enhanced through the addition of reliable marketing tools. As a free user, I was given access to execute up to 30 search procedures for the relevant keywords to boost my website which, ultimately, leads to increased affiliate profits. The fact that the platform acts as a nexus for all the necessary marketing tools makes it convenient for the users of the same. I could integrate my website posts with the most efficient keywords to attract increased traffic to my business. The same also increases the conversion rates to generate further revenue as an affiliate.

  • Profitable Affiliate Programs

    Compared to other popular affiliate marketing platforms, Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with a respectable commission rate up on promoting their platform. As a free user, I was provided with a 15% commission on successful affiliate conversions. Even as a free user, the commission rate rivals some of the reputed platforms in the field. Upgrading to a premium membership, you’re provided with an increased 50% commission rate for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Considering the same, Wealthy Affiliates can be classified as the ideal platform if you’re seeking the most profitable affiliation programs.

What Does the Free Membership Provide?

Wealthy Affiliate proves it’s genuine by providing individuals with a free membership to ensure that they get a glimpse of what the platform can do for them. The unique characteristic of free membership is the fact that it doesn’t restrict users from accessing the distinctive elements of the platform. I would honestly recommend getting yourself acquainted with the platform through the free membership before upgrading to the premium variant. To better explain what you get with the free membership, I’ve detailed the benefits of the same in the following.

  • Basic Training Resources

    By simply signing up on the platform, you’re provided with access to 7 days of Live Help and 1-to-1 coaching. Along with the same, you’re also given the beginner training course which includes practical tasks relating to the field of affiliate marketing. Added to the aforementioned, you can also get a glimpse of Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Bootcamp through the unrestricted phase 1 access that you’re given with your free membership. The same is ideal for learning the basics to start an online business from home.

  • Targeted Website Publishing

    With the free membership, you can create up to 2 websites dedicated to your own niche to train yourself with the basics of affiliate marketing. You can get your own functional website published in less than a minute. Before introducing myself with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I was under the impression that constructing and maintaining the business website is arguably the most exhausting task in the field. I was still overwhelmed by the sheer convenience of the platform when I realized that the publisher websites are integrated with an SSL layering to provide added security to the same.

  • Access to the Affiliate Program

    As a free member, you aren’t restricted from a being a part of Wealthy Affiliates’ affiliate program. With the free membership, you’re provided given a 15% commission for every converting customer that you bring to the platform. The 15% rate not only is considered respectable in the field but also rivals the rates of other popular affiliate marketing platforms.

  • Added Marketing Tools

    I was under the impression that as a free member, I wouldn’t be allowed to try the in-built marketing tools in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I’m glad to acknowledge that I was wrong. As a free user, I could use the integrated keyword search tool up to 30 times to find the relevant keywords to boost my affiliate business on the web. Added to that, I was also given full access to my personal dashboard that detailed my earning and also provided me with reliable tips to increase my earnings.

Get your free membership here

Is the Premium Membership Worth the Price?

It wouldn’t be an honest Wealthy Affiliate review if I didn’t compare the free version of the membership with the premium one. Before concluding the above-stated question, I’ve detailed the added benefits of the premium membership in the following for you to examine.

  • Increased Website Publishing Limit

    The free membership allows you to publish and maintain up to 2 websites for a single account. The above-mentioned number is considerable when you’re a beginner in the field of affiliate marketing and wish to gauge the daily profits that you can make from the same. However, if you wish to start an online business from home that is capable of supporting your lifestyle, 2 websites might not prove to be enough. With the premium membership, you’re allowed to create up to 50 websites for varying niches to significantly increase your daily earnings.

  • Unrestricted Training Resource Access

    With the free membership, you’re given access to the beginner training course along with Phase 1 of the affiliate Bootcamp. Upgrading to the premium membership, you’ll be given full access to all the 7 phases of the affiliate Bootcamp along with the ability to join live classrooms curated by industry experts to further develop your knowledge base about the field. The 7-day 1-to-1 coaching period is also upgraded for an indefinite duration. This essentially means that you can privately interact with the experts for resolving any issues that you might have with the platform. The knowledge pool of Wealthy Affiliates is created solely to aid you to start an online business from home.

  • Private Interaction With the Community.

    Upgrading to the premium membership also gives you the ability to privately send messages to the members of the community. This feature allows you to interact with the community efficiently and also socialize with affiliate marketers such as yourself.

  • Added Website Support

    With the premium membership, you’re also provided with additional support for your published website(s). The upgraded membership gives you access to the website feedback, website comment, and 24*7 website support platforms. Added to that, your dashboard is also enhanced with the inclusion of detailed website analysis that is delivered to you frequently so you can get an idea about your earnings and strengths.

  • Increased Affiliate Commission

    The 15% commission rate upon successful customer conversion is upgraded 50% within the affiliate program if your upgrade to the premium membership. The considerable jump in commission rate can single-handedly increase your daily revenues by 200% if utilized to its fullest. The increased revenue can aid you to start an online business from home.

Given the aforementioned benefits of upgrading to the premium membership, It is easy to say that the paid variant of the Wealthy Affiliate membership is entirely worth it. To be brutally honest, after accounting for the daily revenues that one can make through the platform, the price can almost be classified as a steal. Added to that, new users are given an added discount on the premium membership. The $49/month premium membership of Wealthy Affiliates is reduced to being $19 for the first month.

You can click this link and get the premium membership directly

To Conclude.

Wealthy Affiliates is the ideal affiliate marketing platform which differentiates itself from its competition by actually caring for its users. The extensive array of features provided both in the premium and free membership only make it more convenient for ambitious marketers who want to start an online business from home. Considering the business model of the platform, users can easily earn remarkable amounts from various affiliate programs while they learn the basic and advanced concepts of affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliates’ extensive and reliable knowledge pool.

Please drop a comment below on how you liked this article and I will get back to you. If you have any queries, either drop a message below or mail me at sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and I will get back to you.

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AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review: Do Not Buy before you read this

Email Marketing is an excellent method of promoting your products and one of the most successful Affiliate marketing methods. Thus marketing guru’s focus a lot on this and regularly come out with products that teach newbies email marketing. Today we review one of the most famous email marketing products available on the market. Read my AffiloJetpack 2.0 review and find out whether you should invest in it or not.

Product Name– AffiloJetpack 2.0
Owner– Mark Ling
Who is it For– Anyone who wants to build his Email Marketing business or anyone who wants to succeed as an affiliate marketer using email marketing.
Rating– 9/10

What is AffiloJetpack 2.0?

Let us first understand how campaigns are run via email marketing. First, you build up a web page or a blog on your niche. In this blog, you offer some gift to every visitor who visits the blog if he gives you his email address. Once you have his email address, you can then regularly mail him with various offers and you get a steady stream of income. Sounds simple, isn’t it?? But actually, it is anything but simple.

You first need to build up a website, then offer something attractive so that the visitor leaves you his email address. Then you need to build up your series of emails which you would send to these visitors to build your rapport with them and then soft sell or hard sell them your affiliate products. A lot of work, right??

What if someone does everything for you?? I mean what if someone helps you build your website, write content for you, build up this gift you will be offering, chooses the best affiliate products for you, writes the series of email you are planning to sell, and also teaches you how to get more and more visitors to your site?? How would it be then?? Your business runs on Autopilot, isn’t it??

AffilojetPack does just that and more. It is your one stop solution to building a long term and profitable email marketing business from scratch, where everything is done for you. Yes, it is your email marketing business is autopilot.


What do you get in AffiloJetpack 2.0?

The following components are available in the AffiloJetpack 2.0-

  1. 90+ prewritten emails designed to build trust and get sales- Yes, you get 90+ emails for your niche written by experts and all ready to be sent. Just imagine the amount of work that has been saved. Just send these as per the sequence mentioned and see sales numbers grow each day.
  2. Super effective Free gifts to entice your visitors – The first step in building your email business is to ensure that your visitors subscribe and leave their email ID. For that, you need to give them sufficient bait to ensure they are excited enough to share their email ID with you. Affilojetpack provides not one, but three such free gifts for your niche. These are exciting and informative reports which your visitors will lap up with great enthusiasm.
  3. A beautiful website, ready to be built in a few clicks- Affilojetpack has a ready to use, premium WordPress theme by which you can build your website in just a few clicks. What’s more, they also give you 1 year hosting for free. Thus it would take you just a few minutes to get your online business up and running.
  4. Great Search engine friendly content- It is well known that search engines just love great content. Affilojetpack gives you great cheat sheets to build up great content in minutes. These ready-made, well-researched cheat sheets are available for your niche so that you can have great content ready in minutes.
  5. All this for 18 profitable niches.
  6. You can choose 5 out of these 18 profitable niche’s and build up your business in minutes.
  7. Detailed training, guiding you step by step on how to build your online email marketing business from scratch. The training holds your hands and teaches you all the steps in building a profitable long-term business.
  8. Detailed training on how to get traffic to your website, so that your visitors pour in.

Any Negatives??

Well, the only negative I find is probably the pricing of $997. But if you consider the value you are getting then this price is not too high. Also, you get to build your business in 5 niche’s, so that is like $200 startup cost per business, which is actually nothing.

Also, the best news is you can get a 25% on-the-spot discount by using my affiliate link. Yes, you don’t need to spend $997 but you can get the Affilojetpack 2.0 at a great price of $747 only by clicking here.

In a Nutshell

I believe this is an excellent product for anyone who is serious about building a long-term profitable email marketing business. At $747 this is too good to miss. This is great for both newbies as well as people with decent knowledge of online marketing. This ready to use system helps you build your business in any of the 18 most profitable niches and gives you al the tools to be successful. I highly recommend this course and believe it has all the ingredients to make you successful.

Please drop a comment below on how you liked this article and I will get back to you. If you have any queries, either drop a message below or mail me at sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and I will get back to you.

A Step By Step Guide to Building an Affiliate Marketing Business

Every day thousands of new users are joining the internet with the dream of making money online. Millions of people are trying to use the internet to build up a sustainable online business from where they can generate a regular income. And this has made them an easy target for scammers. Hundreds of products are surfacing on the internet every day which promises you easy money.  Products which promise to make you rich fast, products which tell you that they are the sure shot success recipes to kill your day job and become a millionaire in a few days. Thousands of people get scammed looking for that easy money. I meet people

Thousands of people get scammed looking for that easy money. I meet people every day in different forums who ask me what is the best way to build and online business, and my answer to them is always the same. Affiliate marketing. People think that Affiliate marketing is difficult and you need to be a Guru to be a pro in this. This is absolutely not true. Yes, you do need to put in hard work, but it is absolutely doable. In this article, I take you through a step by step guide on how to build your own affiliate marketing business from scratch.

The Steps in building your own Affiliate Marketing Business

The steps can be represented by one diagram as shown below.

Step 1 – Choose an Interest

The starting point of every business is choosing what the business will be about. In other words, you need to choose your niche. You can read about which niches are the most popular in one of my articles. You should choose something which interests you a lot. Remember, you are building your business around it. SO you would have to spend hours researching on this niche. You would have to write innumerable posts in this Niche. You would have to help other people understanding this niche. So it is really important that you are passionate about your niche. Otherwise, you would lose interest pretty soon and your business will fail.

Remember, your business will not be built in 1 day. It would take months for your business to grow and reach a level which will satisfy you. If you are not passionate about this niche, you would really not be able to sustain it and thus it would be difficult for you to succeed in this business. So, make sure you choose to build your business around something which you are passionate about. This would ensure that your enthusiasm will not fall even when you are not doing that well. Persistence is the key to building a successful online business.

Step 2- Build a Website

Once you have chosen a niche, you need to build a website on this niche. This is where people really start getting scared. Most people are under the impression that building a website is practically impossible as it requires an understanding of how to write codes, designing etc. This is absolutely not true. Building a website is extremely simple and you can go through my short training on how you can build your website with a few clicks.

You need to build your website around this niche and then start writing blog posts on this niche. Your posts should be informative and should solve a problem for your readers. Only then the reader will be engaged to your website and buy the affiliate products you are promoting. This requires hard work for sure but is actually much easier to do than you think.

Step 3- Get visitors to your website

After you have started building your website, you need to get visitors to your website. In common terms, you need to start getting traffic to your website.

Remember, visitors or traffic is the lifeline of your website and without them your website is useless. There are different ways to bring visitors to your site. Some are paid methods and some are free, but no matter what your budget you will definitely find methods to suit your financial constraint and generate traffic. Free Traffic methods are On site SEO, link building, Blog posts etc. Paid methods include Google or Bing Adwords, Social media promotions, Pay Per Click campaigns etc. You will find different methods of traffic generation in different articles in my website. You can also enroll for my free course where I teach you different methods to generate traffic (both free and paid). I would be discussing quite a few traffic generation technique in this course and it is absolutely free.

Step 4- Generate revenue

Once you start getting traffic to your website, then you can start promoting your affiliate products to your visitors. The more traffic you can generate the better revenues you will be getting from your website. People will start trusting your website for your particular niche and slowly your website will start becoming an authority website in your niche. This would actually bring in more people and in turn more revenues. But remember, you need to continuously add value to your website by writing more posts and adding relevant articles and pages. This would really help in getting more visitors and better search engine rankings.

These 4 steps tell you how to build up an affiliate marketing business from scratch. The infographic below will recap whatever we have discussed in this article.


I hope this article has made you understand how you can build your own online business in 4 steps. You can join me in my free course where I teach you from scratch how to build an online business and how to avoid scams. You can also check out the best online platform to get trained and start your own online business by reading my review here.

Feel free to leave a comment below on how you liked this article and if there is anything else you want to know and I will definitely get back to you. You can also mail me at sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and I will definitely reply back to your queries or suggestions.

Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

A question which I come across regularly is “What niches would work best for my Affiliate marketing business?? ” or “What are the best niches for Affiliate marketing business??”. Well, the answer is simple. Any niche can do well if you are willing to work hard on that niche. It’s how you plan your campaign that is more important than just the niche. SO if you really put hard work into your chosen niche, any niche can work wonders for you.

But all said and done there are a few niche’s which are extremely popular and probably most online marketers work for products pertaining to these niches. In this article, I would discuss a few very popular niches and why they are so popular. Although I am using the term Niche, I would basically discuss broad categories or segments and you can build your niche as a subset of these broad categories. I would also discuss a few popular niches in these categories.


The Most Popular Niches for your Affiliate Marketing Business

  1. Make Money Online (MMO)– This is one of the most evergreen niches and probably the most popular amongst affiliate marketers. The reason for the popularity is simple, most people are doing affiliate marketing actually to make money online. So that seems one of the easiest niches to work on. You can actually learn and earn at the same time in this niche. Also, you have a huge set of the target audience in this niche as every day thousand of new users are coming to the internet in order to make money online. But beware, all this hype also makes this niche the most abused of all niches. You will find the most number of scam products and scam pyramid schemes in this niche. So you need to be very careful if you want to build your online business around this Niche. It is very important that you research well and plan properly if you want to do well in this Niche.I have a very good recommendation in this Niche if you are serious about building your online business around it. You can check my number 1 recommendation in this Niche. This not only trains you and makes you an expert in affiliate marketing but also helps you build up your business in this Niche.

2. Dating (Men’s Dating/ Women’s dating)– Dating and matrimony are very popular niches since a huge number of people come online primarily with the objective of finding a partner. The number of people who are looking for dates or long term partners online is increasing every day and that makes this Niche and evergreen and extremely profitable Niche. CPA programs are available by the dozen for this Niche and you can do well here if you choose the right programs. You can check out an example of how this Niche works by clicking here.

3. Health Products (Lose Belly Fat/Have a Lean Body/Build muscles etc)- Health products is actually not a Niche but a broad category from where you can have thousand of niches. Losing belly fat, losing baby fat, building biceps, having a toned body etc are all examples of Niches in this segment. There are thousand of popular niche’s around this segment and nearly all does very well. There are also scores of affiliate products in this Niche and a lot of these products are tested and does really well. This segment has probably produced the most number of evergreen Niche’s and they continue to do well and probably do well forever.

4. Investment products- A lot of people are online because they want to invest their hard earned money and internet is the best place to research for the best Investment products to make their money grow. This makes the Investment products niche one of the most happening of all niches. You have different affiliate programs for Binary trading, Gold IRA and other investment options. Another great thing about this is that the affiliate commissions are generally pretty high and recurring.

5. Travel and Leisure– You might find this a bit difficult to believe but Travel and Leisure is actually one of the most popular Niches for affiliate marketing. Great product offerings, high ticket commissions and enthusiastic travellers looking around for great offers make this a popular and profitable niche. The popularity of this Niche is growing by the day and this would definitely stay as one of the most popular Niche’s for some time now.

These are the 5 most popular niche’s around which you can build your affiliate marketing business. You can find a host of affiliate products and offers in these Niche’s and these are pretty profitable too. In case you are wondering how to go about starting your own affiliate marketing business, you can enrol in my 100% Free course where I teach you how to build and grow your affiliate marketing business for free. In this course, I will take you step by step on how to build your own affiliate marketing business from scratch and it is 100% free.

For advanced users looking for the best online training and business platform, you can check my #1 recommendation and enrol on the Wealthy Affiliate community for free.

Drop in a comment about what you think about this article and I would definitely respond. You can also mail me your queries or suggestions to Sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and I would get back to you.


The Evolution of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Let us analyze the power of video advertising with this one piece of data – Youtube reaches more people in the US of the age bracket 18-49 during prime time than the top 10 TV shows combined. Yes, this is absolutely true. Consumers have changed the way they spend time on the Internet and watching Videos have increased exponentially. And thus Video Advertising has become an extremely important method of reaching out to your online audience. It has not only become important, I would say it has become absolutely essential.

Video Advertising Insights

Let’s take another piece of statistics. In 2016 the ad spending for online videos in the US alone was around $10 billion. All top brands like Johnson and Johnson and Coke have reduced their TV ad spending and shifted a sizable amount of their Ad budget to Online Video Ads. Yes, that is the truth and if you are not advertising your brand in Youtube or Vimeo you are probably losing out big. In fact, statistics say that in the next few years Video would be accountable for more than 75% of Internet Traffic.  So you really cannot afford to miss out on this traffic at all.


Another fact that makes Video Advertisement amazingly attractive are the low rates. Well, it’s true that the rates are increasing every day. But still, compared to Text Ads or Banner Ads PPC (Pay per click), the rates for Video adverts are still much lower. In fact, it is still a fraction of what a Banner PPC ad would cost. If you check the rates for an Ad in the Insurance verticle, you will find that a banner click might cost you upwards of $5-$8, where you can get a Youtube click at $0.50. Yeah, The price difference is still substantial and you might save a kitty in Video Ads and get amazing responses. I would be writing a series of blog posts on Video Advertisement and how to effectively make videos and you can check them out on my website.

Video Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

It is a known fact that Affiliate Marketers are increasingly using Videos to reach their audience. You will see Video Blogs, Video Trainings, Youtube Videos about affiliate products and also Video landing pages. Videos are being used extensively by Affiliate marketers to promote their affiliate products since they have realized that this is one of the best forms of marketing these days.

This has also led to a huge increase in the Video Advertising budget for Affiliate marketers. Due to its extensive reach and low cost, video advertising today is an affiliate marketer’s best tool. Let’s take Youtube Ads as an example. You can target your ads to your audience and the targeting can be based on Age, geography, interests and various other demographics. You can also place your ads in various strategic positions like the beginning of a video or as separate adverts altogether. Also, you do not pay anything unless the consumer watches the video for at least 30 secs. All these have made Video Advertising one of the best Advertising methods for Affiliate marketers.


I would deal with various aspects of Video Advertising and how to make Videos and release video ads effectively in my Blog. You can also enroll for my FREE Course on how to effectively make money online by filling up the form on my Homepage.

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CPA Affiliate Programs- The Best Networks

We had discussed the CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing model in our previous articles. You can read about what CPA is and what are CPA affiliate programs in my article about why CPA programs are very good for affiliate marketing. In this article, we will discuss a few CPA networks and how to enroll in these networks.

The Best CPA affiliate Networks

To promote CPA programs you would first require a network where you can get a range of affiliate programs. You need a network where you can get affiliate programs in various niches and also affiliate programs for different countries. Also, since more and more people are moving towards smartphones, so you need networks who can provide you with great mobile CPA offers. Here is a list of 5 CPA networks which I find are very good:-

  1. Peerfly– This is an excellent affiliate network with affiliates in over 165 countries and thousands of programs to choose from. It has offers for nearly every niche and it has excellent training modules to help the affiliates.


2. Maxbounty– Formed in 2004, it is one of the most popular affiliate networks in the world. The sheer fact that it has been around for so long makes it one of the most respected sites in the CPA affiliate domain.

3. Clickbooth– Probably one of the most popular affiliate marketing sites in the world, it is said that Clickbooth pays more than $100 million a year in affiliate commissions.

4. CPAway–  Voted consistently amongst the top 10 CPA networks, CPAway has a robust infrastructure and support to help you succeed in your CPA programs.

5. Above All Offers– Although this is one of the newest networks, still I recommend this because this is also one f the fastest growing. It has a great support team and is definitely an extremely dependable network.

Joining CPA Affiliate Networks

Once you find out the best CPA affiliate networks and decide on who to join, then you will have to apply in that network for an affiliate position. Actually, these networks are extremely reputable and thus they all have a screening procedure before they allow any new affiliate to join. The procedure is simple but effective.

Normally, you would have to fill a form where you need to give details about yourself, your experience in affiliate marketing, and details on the methods you would be using to promote the programs. They even allow newbies to join, so be careful and do not give false credentials just to push your way through. If you are honest, chances are that you will be selected without much hassle.

After that, you need to upload a few documents to prove your identity and after that, an affiliate manager will go through your application. He would get back to you with fresh queries if any, and if you can answer them properly you should get selected.

Now although, this looks difficult but it is extremely important that these networks do these checks to ensure high-quality advertisers and publishers. Like I said, if you answer everything truthfully you should get approved without any hassle.

Hopefully, this article would have given you some idea on how you can find the best CPA networks and join them. Do leave a comment about what you feel and you can also mail me at sirshendu@vozcreativa.biz with your queries and I will get back to you.

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The Unconventional Guide to Nigerian Scams

Only a few days back I got a mail from one of my subscribers about how one of his friends have been recently made a victim of Nigerian Scams. He informed that his friend had got a mail promising him Grants and later was scammed $850 as fees to transfer that fund. Such stories can be heard throughout the world and emails with such fake Promises hit our mailboxes every day. Welcome to the world of Nigerian Scams, probably one of the oldest types of online scam going around.


Nigerian 419 Scam Alert

These type of scams are popularly called Nigerian 419 scams primarily because these scams had started surfacing from Nigeria and 419 is the legal section in Nigeria against such scammers. Although this had started in Nigeria, but it is now going on throughout the world and is still conning thousands of people every day.

This normally starts with an email hitting your Inbox, or a text message informing you that you are to receive a huge amount of funds from some source. The source varies, but the objective is the same. You may be informed that you have received a lottery which was done on random email IDs, you may be told that you have been selected for a grant, or you may be informed that someone has died in a distant country without any heir and the money can be transferred to you.

The objective is simple. They intend to use this hook as a bait to attract your interest. Once your interest is captured, they will do regular follow-ups telling you that how they have started the procedure of transferring the funds. Now once they see that you are too eager and have completely taken the bait, they will suddenly demand money in some format or the other. The most common method is to ask for advance fees for the transfer, or fees that have to be paid to the government for the transfer etc. They will be following up regularly to ensure that you pay the fees.

Once you have paid the fees, they may try a few more times to con you into paying more fees or may just be satisfied with the one-time haul. But you can be sure of one thing, there will be no money coming to your account. In case you have paid any money, then, unfortunately, it’s bad news for you. You have been scammed and you can now say bye bye to your dreams of getting rich overnight.


Protect Yourself

Remember, self help is the best help when it comes to protecting yourself from scams. Keep the following in mind whenever you see a financial offer:-

  1. Never send money or give Credit Card details to anyone whom you do not know or trust.
  2. Do not accept money for someone else, in return of a commission. Remember, receiving someone else’s money in your account is a part of money laundering and is illegal.
  3. If you have any doubts about an offer, it is best to avoid it. If still you are enticed, take advice from someone who you trust or someone with enough legal knowledge to help you.
  4. Do a search on the internet for any offer or name of person who is reaching you. Chances are you will find enough proof that you are to be scammed.

Most of all, remember if anything seems to good to be true, then it actually is a scam. Avoid such get rich quick plans and schemes and you will definitely be saved from scams.

If you really want to earn money online there are various legal ways by which you can do so. You can really build up an online business and make yourself a long term income source. I suggest you join my Free Course on how to identify scams and earn money online from legit sources. You can register for this course on my homepage. This is an absolute FREE course designed to help newbies understand how to fight scams and build an online business.

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Why CPA Marketing Will Make You Question Everything??

How often we come across people who go on cribbing about the fact that they are making no money as an online marketer?? I guess we read reviews and comments from these people every day as to how online marketing has been absolutely useless for them. Well, folks, I have news for you. It’s time to question yourself and question all the methods you have used to make market your affiliate products. Let’s make this clear. You have been missing out if you have not tried CPA marketing.

CPA Marketing??? What’s That???

CPA stand for “Cost Per Action”. In simple words, an affiliate gets paid when a user visits their website and takes a specific action. It may be filling up of a form, or filling an Opt-in, or any other action. Normally, an affiliate promotes an offer which has no direct selling. The affiliate will have a link on his website, which when click will take the user or visitor to the landing page of the CPA offer. Once there, if the visitor takes the necessary action (Filling up of the form or opt-in or any other action as prescribed in the offer) then the affiliate will get his commission.

CPA-marketingAdvantages of CPA marketing

The biggest advantage of CPA marketing is the fact that the affiliate can earn money without selling anything. It is easier to engage your website visitor when he knows that he need not take out his credit card when he visits your website. So, when you post an offer which has an easy action to perform it is not very difficult to get a conversion from your visitor.

This is one of the primary reasons CPA marketing programs have a much higher rate of conversion than your sales affiliate programs. Yes, the payouts per conversion may not be too high, but that issue is negated by the fact the conversions are much higher, and thus it provides a great method to boost your income.

Another great thing about CPA marketing is that you normally can find CPA offers about nearly every niche you can think off. Thus you can be sure to find plenty of deals to market in the CPA space.

How to Find CPA Offers??

The best place to find CPA offers is by visiting www.offervault.com . This place is probably the google of CPA networks. You can look for offers available in your niche, then directly apply to the network which is giving that offer.


After you have applied to the network, you will normally have to go through a screening process. Remember, this screening process is not to make your life difficult as an affiliate marketer, but primarily to ensure that they are getting the right affiliate marketers and not spammers. If you provide the details properly, there should not be issues with your registration and you can start promoting these offers after that.

You can also directly join CPA program networks like Peerfly or Clickbooth. You can also get CPA programs at Clickbank.


In a Nutshell

If you are finding it difficult in finding a strong foothold in the affiliate marketing space, then I believe that CPA marketing can be the solution to your problems. You can really do well in this field in a short period of time. I have a separate article for methods of getting traffic to your CPA marketing sites and it will help you even more in understanding CPA marketing in details.

Do let me know what you thought about this article by putting a comment below. You can also let me know if you need to know about anything specific. You can also join my FREE course on understanding scams and internet marketing by clicking here and filling the required details.

You can also mail me at sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and let me know if you have any queries and I will definitely get back to you.