Around 70% of Employees would rather Fire Their Boss

It is official, 70% of Employees actually hate their jobs. They would love to fire their boss and start something independent.

Fire boss

So what are the real reasons for this??

Hard-work without recognition:- Most people believe that they are working really hard but without the recognition they deserve. This makes them demotivated at work.

Too much work, too little pay:- The pay structure seems inappropriate for most employees. They feel they are really working for peanuts.

Job Security- Where is it??:- In this crazy times of hire and fire, job security is a distant dream. Most employees are not confident that their job is actually secure and that their future is safe.

Unable to spend time doing what you like:- With office hours growing more and more. It has become nearly impossible to spend quality time with your family and friends. It has even become more difficult to pursue your hobbies. Thus burn outs are becoming the order of the day.

Work seems monotonous and unappealing:- A lot of employees feel that the work they do is monotonous lacks variety and is not challenging enough. This is a serious cause of De-motivation among employees.

So what should you do??

Most people harbor a dream to start something independently. But they are unable to do so primarily because of a few reasons- Fear of the unknown, fear of lack of ideas and fear of lack of funds.


But actually, it is not that difficult. The Internet has thrown a whole world of opportunities at your doorstep and you can utilize the web to plan and start your own business effectively and without too much cost. You can read about how you can get started here.

What you really require is proper guidance to take your dreams forward. If you receive proper training it is actually extremely easy to start and be successful in an online business with spending a very little amount of money. What is required is guidance and support to do the same.

You can take a look at this training platform which I recommend to a lot of people. Joining this is free (For people is most countries), and it teaches you step by step how to build and promote your own online business.

So stop thinking and start doing, you can really make your dreams come true.

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    Just out of curiosity; why do you have a ’employee firing boss’ title upfront? Is it to discourage people from being ’employees’ and become ‘entrepreneurs’? The connect, I felt, was missing…


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