affLift Honest Review 2020

affLift Honest review 2020: Do Not Join Before you read this

What exactly is affLift? Does this really work? Is it worth becoming a paid member? Let us look at all these and more in my Afflift Honest review 2020.

But before I start, let me clarify a few things. I myself am a paid member of affLift and whatever you read in this review is what I have personally experienced in affLift as a member and I would be honest with it. Also, if after reading my review you do decide to join affLift using the links given here, then I would also get a small commission and would benefit. But you would also benefit by not just being a member of the forum but to have me hold your hands personally whenever you need any help. So here goes my detailed review of the same.

Product- affLift
Type- Forum
Owner- Luke Kling
Membership Cost- $20 per month/$100 per 6 months/$200 per year/$350 Lifetime
My Ratings- 9 out of 10
Ideal for anyone who wants to start his affiliate marketing journey (mainly CPA marketing)
Afflift Honet review 2020
affLift- The best affiliate marketing forum for newbies

What is affLift?

affLift has been founded by Luke Kling. It is a forum for affiliate marketers primarily working in the CPA marketing or performance marketing model. To know more about CPA marketing or performance marketing you can check this post on my blog.

Luke Kling is a famous name for anybody who has even spent some time on the CPA marketing industry. He was associated with the now-defunct Peerfly affiliate network. He started this forum after Peerfly shut down and this has been a great boon for newbies who want to start CPA marketing. The forum has a lot of active members and it is full of threads of CPA offers, networks, traffic sources, tools, techniques, guides, and training. It is an absolute treasure trove for newbies who want to start off with CPA marketing but do not know how to do so.

What works:-

  1. Great source of knowledge on what is working in the CPA marketing industry.
  2. Step by step training on how to start CPA marketing
  3. An active and helpful community ready to help you whenever you are stuck with anything in your journey of CPA marketing.
  4. Nearly all Affiliate networks, Traffic Sources, Companies who make various tools for affiliate marketing are members, so you get superb deals on everything related to CPA marketing.
  5. Newbie Friendly. In fact, I believe this is a great forum for newbies.
  6. Extremely low priced, so great value for money.

What does not work:-

  1. It is a new forum, so it is still in the development mode.
  2. The number of experienced affiliates is still not that high. (But a few really good affiliates are there, and obviously Luke is always active)

A detailed analysis of what is inside affLift

affLift is a one-stop forum for newbie CPA marketers. Inside you will find threads on early all topics which are required for CPA marketing. Landing pages, offers, affiliate networks, trackers, spy tools, and traffic sources. The following picture below gives you a view of the threads on different ways of getting traffic, and you will have a basic idea as to what you can expect regarding different topics inside the forum:-

affLift threads on traffic sources
Different traffic sources for your offers
 PPV, Push notifications, etc are dealt with in detail inside the forum. The topics are sorted well and arranged systematically and are easy to find and follow.
Different members who are running CPA offers also post follow along campaigns, which means they tell you in detail as to what exactly they are doing in that campaign and what results they are getting based on these actions. For newbies, these follow along’s are of great help as they know exactly what steps to take and what results to expect. The offer, traffic sources are all discussed along with a lot of optimization steps and the results they have received after each step and that becomes a very helpful guide for newbies.

Training and Guides

Along with various follow along’s and posts, you can also find various guides to CPA marketing. Also available is an excellent training guide prepared by Luke himself for launching your first CPA campaign. He handholds you about how to get registered and approved in an affiliate network, launching your first campaign using Push traffic, hot to set up a free tracker, how to test traffic and optimize. Everything is taught in a  step-by-step fashion and even an absolute newbie can launch his or her first CPA campaign from scratch even without any technical knowledge. This guide is of immense help for newbies although this would not help seasoned affiliates much.

affLift CPA training and guide
affLift CPA training and guide

Resources available

Along with various training and guides, you will also find several resources and posts discussing the various affiliate networks and how to get accepted by them, various landing page software, traffic sources, trackers, spy tools and nearly everything related to performance marketing. And best of all, nearly all the companies which make these softwares and tools are members of affLift and also active participants. So not only you get great offers for buying these tools but also timely help and support from representatives of these companies if you face any issues. I believe this feature itself is more than worth the price of membership.

Membership rates

The membership rates of Peerfly are extremely low and definitely the lowest in the industry. The monthly membership comes at only $20 a month, and the half-yearly membership is available at $100 only. Also, you can be a member for a year at just $200. But the best deal is the lifetime membership at a one-time fee of $350 at which you can enjoy all the benefits of the forum for one lifetime fee.

Membership Fees at affLift
Membership Fees at affLift

The price is a real winner since the value available at this price point is amazing. Just compare it with the fee of STM forum which is $99 per month and you can understand how affordable and cheap affLift is. Also, if you are a newbie affLift is a much better place to join since the entire forum is newbie-friendly and everyone in the forum is very helpful and understands the problems which newbies face. You can join affLift by clicking here.

Cons of affLift

As we have discussed the positive features of affLift, let us also discuss what are the negative features of this forum. Firstly, the forum is pretty new compared to other forums and hence the number of experienced members is very few. So, only a few people will actually be able to guide you if you are stuck at any stage, but the good news is that they do help you. Also Luke is always available to help you and to answer your queries regarding any part of affiliate marketing. Luke himself was a great affiliate manager and himself a super affiliate, hence his insights are always delightful and of great value.

Also, I believe the number of posts is still a bit less, but that is to be expected since the forum is new and most of the members are newbies. But that is changing every day as more and more people are joining and more and more topics are being discussed.


Ao, if you are a newbie who wants to start CPA marketing, affLift is probably the best thing that can happen to you. It is affordable and of immense value. Also, you get access to all the tools and softwares required in your affiliate marketing journey at great offer prices. You also get guides to help you run your first campaign and holds your hand till you are comfortable with each and every concept of CPA marketing. So, if you are serious about being a CPA marketer I suggest you join affLift and see your career take off. If you join through my link, just send me a Hi inside the forum and I will personally help you get started.

Also, if CPA marketing is not what you want to do but you are looking for affiliate marketing through blogs, social media or if you want to start an e-commerce venture then I suggest you enroll for my free training regarding the same by going to my free training section and enrolling there for free.




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  1. Hello

    Your write about affLift Honest review 2020. Thanks for the review. I need this type of review. My friends suggested that I buy this product. After I read this article I decided to buy this product. You explain very well. Thank you for posting this article. Best of luck. I will share this article with my friends.

    Thanks you

  2. What I like about affiliate marketing are the different ways that you can make money from it.  And CPA just happen to be another way of making money with affiliate marketing. 

     so after reading your review of afflit I think it is a good platform to start with the CPA.  Yes, It still a new platform it may not be completely built yet but it is a very good place to start with CPA and make money right away.

    the whole thing that we need to keep in mind is that CCP requires traffic, a lot of traffic for you to be able to make money from it. Which means you need to be ready with some advertising budget.


  3. Your experience, clarity and reviews was a real eye-opener.

    The way that you are willing to help others is a bonus. 

    I did find linking to other links, time consuming and a little bit confusing, especially for someone who is a novice in this niche.

    However, the free course at the end of your article was brilliant!

  4. I’d rather not assume what CPA means since you dot say so. Can I assume it is about accounting? If so In had no idea that there was an affiliate marketing site connected with accounting? 

    Although I am not an accountant I love this concept. When you mentioned at the start that you are a member of affLift, that gave this site credibility and led me to conclude it is not a scam. Having a forum of like minded individuals can be a great asset in any business. 

    I hope this works out well for you, especially while the COVID-19 pandemic is under way.

    All the best to you.


  5. Hi,  I’ve never heard of afflift before.  I am interested in joining it is just the $20 I’m not sure I have spare at the moment and the other packages I don’t think I would consider till after I’ve tried this out.  Is there not a free trial?  Also maybe you should mention in your post what CPM stands for I had to google it as the whole article I was thinking what is CPM?

    1. Hi, the term is actually CPA and it stands for Cost per action. I have detailed articles on CPA in my blog. You can check them out.

  6. Hello Sirshendu – Nice review on affLift.  I was really able to enjoy it more once I Googled CPA.  This seems to be a great platform for anyone who wants to bet involved in this aspect of affiliate marketing.  I’m a newbie to affiliate marketing and I am involved with the blog aspect for now.  However, CPA is on my list of future endeavors.  Therefore I will be bookmarking this post for when I am ready to embark on it.  Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. CPA can be a great way of affiliate marketing if you get proper guidance. Looking forward to seeing you inside affLift.

  7. ok, interesting with new tools that im not familiar with, trackers and spy tools? Ok there are always new things to learn in the affiliate world… New training and courses are always welcomed, so much stuff to learn and keep up with, great page and thanks for the advice! There are programs I never heard about before I will definitely look into it!

    1. Thanks for your comment Bernie. Trackers and Spy tools are primarily required for CPA campaigns. If you venture into it, I think you might find it interesting.

  8. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on a review of afflift. this is actually the first time i am coming across this article so i appreciate the well detailed explanation. thank you very much

    1. Thanks Benny. A lot of people are following affiliate marketing, but are not confident about CPA. This review would help them choose a platform to start CPA marketing.

  9. The first i want to do is try to share this great article with some of my friends. The website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on afflift review. i think that the training guide that they provide in this platform is fair enough and the membership plans are variant well for all levels.

    1. Thanks for your comments.I am so glad that this review helped you choose this forum. Have a great time learning and implementing CPA.

  10. Hi There,

    I really like your affLift Honest Review 2020 it’s easy to understand and with me been widely open to learning as I build my business it always good to find new programs to utilize if needed. I was really pleased about the price with the monthly membership been $20 a month, and the half-yearly membership is available at $100, that’s really affordable so I hope it all works out if I try it. Great informative website.

    In Friendship


    1. Thanks Stephen. If you want to build a career in CPA marketing, I suggest you do try affLift. Let me know if you require any help. Thanks.

  11. Sounds like a great affiliate platform, and the price is very good as well. The only minus that I saw is that the platform is new, but with the quality that is inside, I am sure that it woln’t take long until it fills up with members, and not only newbies, but also experienced affiliates. Future looks bright for affLift!

  12. Definitely a better use of hard-earned marketing dollars.  Paying only for actual sales versus impressions is a much better way to spend advertising dollars. My question is because you pay only on actual conversion or sale, are you charged a higher commission or can you adjust the cost per conversion/sale? I’m guessing it’s the latter but thought I’d put it out there anyway. As with other forms of online PPC advertising, this also seems to work best when you already have a large following and can then drive traffic to the merchant. Thanks.

    1. In CPA marketing, you can have different offers. It can be that you may get paid even for an email submit. The payout varies based on the complexity and niche.

  13. this is a great and amazing article. i sincerely appreciate your effort creating time to write on such an informative article which has taught me a lot more on affLift Honest Review 2020. i learnt from this amazing arrticle that affLift has been founded by Luke Kling and It is a forum for affiliate marketers primarily working in the CPA marketing or performance marketing model. thanks for sharing this amazing artilcle

  14. Thank you for this informative review on Afflift and it looks great. I have been looking at CPA marketing and I think it could be quite lucrative, but I also think that you need to get a lot of traffic to your site first before you start to see results.

    Since my traffic is not high enough yet, I am going to put this platform on my get later list, and hopefully by then it will also be more established as It would have grown a bit more.

    1. Hi Michel, thanks for reading my article. Well, traffic is the lifeline for nearly everything online and CPA is obviously even more traffic oriented as volumes are required. You may look at how to generate paid traffic. affLift provides amazing value in terms of training you for paid also, especially Push, Pop or PPV.

  15. Affiliate marketing appears to be another very wonderful way to make money online and I really never even knew that it was possible to make money via CPA. I didn’t know what it meant either but now, it is quite clear to me how it works. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. The platform you have spoken about here offers so much. I should try I out but you didn’t say anything about the support they give Incase of am issue.

    1. Hi Riley, thanks for your comment. The support inside affLift is awesome. Luke, the founder personally answers your queries and thus is extremely helpful and responsive. I suggest you give it a try. 

  16. Great, i like and appreciate information like this one and will love to start CPA marketing sometimes soon, it is nice to know that the forum offers CPA marketing,networks,traffic sources, tools, techniques, guild and training. I also hope that they provide a free trail for couple of days or weeks

    1. Hi Alexy, registration is free in affLift but you will not be able to see the premium content with free registration and might have to upgrade to view premium content. But still, I suggest you try out the free part to see if you like the forum and then upgrade.

  17. As you know very well there are a lot of scams online and it’s really hard to find the genuine ones. And it’s great to know that affLIFT is not a scam.

    Thanks for the detailed and thorough review. Very recently I came across affLIFT and I wanted to do some research and came across your insightful review. The information you shared on what works & what does not work is very helpful in making my decision.

    affLIFT is on my list! Your review saved my time and effort.

    1. Thanks for going through my post, Paul. I can assure you affLift is definitely not a scam and if you like CPA marketing then you can’t get a better forum then afflift to start with. 

  18. Hello and thank you for this article.

    I am thinking about joining a CPA marketing platform. I discovered through your post affLift, which seems a very promising platform. The price is also very affordable – especially the lifetime membership with a one-time fee. It may seem a lot to pay upfront, but if it is for a lifetime, so it seems a good deal! I will check it out. 

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks for your reply. Afflift is a fantastic platform for CPA marketers and I am sure you will love it. All the best.

  19. Great article, and I appreciate the well written post – it was a joy to read. I agree that there is absolutly “no shortcut to hard work” you have to put the time in to master a craft and that can take a couple years.  The joy is in the process and when you get into the habit of it – everything falls into place. Wealthy Affiliate is great! Such a positive community and the free level works like a charm.

  20. Thanks for this great write-up, many people want to enter into this online affiliate jobs but they end up in the wrong places because they lack guidance and information, but with this kind of an honest review, people will surely know what to do and even have an idea of what they are about to invest in.

    1. Hey Jeff, thanks a lot for your comments. I believe affLift is a great platform for people to get going into the world of affiliate marketing.

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