AffiloBlueprint Review: Do Not Buy Before You Read This

AffiloBlueprint is an Affiliate Marketing training course that teaches you the basics of Affiliate marketing step by step. But is it effective, or is it one of the many so-called-training-programs available in the market which basically teaches you nothing? Read my AffiloBlueprint Review and decide for yourself.

Product- AffiloBlueprint
Owner- Affilorama(Mark Ling)
Price:- $197
Rating- 8 out of 10

What is AffiloBlueprint??

AffiloBlueprint can be termed as your step by step coach to affiliate marketing. It is a 12 part video series with more than 91 videos which teaches you step by step the basics of affiliate marketing. From choosing your niche, finding keywords, building your website to promoting your website, everything is covered. Designed by Mark Ling this is one product which works.

What Works???

  1. 12 part video series with more than 91 lessons teaching you everything about affiliate marketing following a step by step approach.
  2. Structured Homeworks which will help you apply the concepts you have learned and in that process build up your business from scratch.
  3. Access to Affilothemes- A premium WordPress theme for your website.
  4. Free Hosting for your website for 1 year.
  5. Continuous support.
  6. Designed by Mark Ling, who is a very successful name in affiliate marketing.

What doesn’t work??

  1. The price is a bit on the higher side. Also, it is more suitable for beginners and intermediate marketers.
  2. Only 1 theme is included for your website.

Analysis of AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint provides you with 91 training videos broken into 12 sections, teaching you the basics of affiliate marketing. This product is actually great for beginners since it teaches you step by step and starts from scratch. Also, the homework’s are designed so that you build up your business while completing them. Thus for beginners, who have no experience in affiliate marketing this product may come as a boon.

The videos are easy to follow and they actually demonstrate each and every task they teach, which makes it great for understanding and applying the concepts. Affiliate marketing can be a great business if you learn it correctly and this tool seems good for it. But the videos might not excite marketers who already have some knowledge and have done a bit of affiliate marketing in the past.

You also get access to a WordPress theme called Affilotheme, which helps you build your website with just a few clicks. You also get hosting for your website for free (1 year).

The support community is also very good and is available to help you solve your problems which you might face while building your business. A lot of focus is given to the generation of website traffic and that impressed me quite a lot. Without traffic your business is useless, so the focus on traffic generation methods shows that the course understands and focusses on what is required to succeed in your online business.

The course also guides you in finding the best products to promote for your niche and that reduces your headache in looking around the internet for authentic products to sell.

Overall, the course structure was pretty good and this seems like a great product for beginners in affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell

AffiloBlueprint is recommended for beginners in Affiliate and Online marketing. The training is good and covers all the basic aspects step by step. Definitely recommended. You can join by clicking here.

In case you are absolutely new to Affiliate marketing, and are wondering about how to make money online, I suggest you join my absolutely free course on understanding scams and learning how to make money online in my Getting Started section. I will personally guide you and help you succeed online and there is absolutely no fees for this. You can also mail me at or leave a comment in the comments section and I will get back to you with my suggestions.

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