A Step By Step Guide to Building an Affiliate Marketing Business

Every day thousands of new users are joining the internet with the dream of making money online. Millions of people are trying to use the internet to build up a sustainable online business from where they can generate a regular income. And this has made them an easy target for scammers. Hundreds of products are surfacing on the internet every day which promises you easy money.  Products which promise to make you rich fast, products which tell you that they are the sure shot success recipes to kill your day job and become a millionaire in a few days. Thousands of people get scammed looking for that easy money. I meet people

Thousands of people get scammed looking for that easy money. I meet people every day in different forums who ask me what is the best way to build and online business, and my answer to them is always the same. Affiliate marketing. People think that Affiliate marketing is difficult and you need to be a Guru to be a pro in this. This is absolutely not true. Yes, you do need to put in hard work, but it is absolutely doable. In this article, I take you through a step by step guide on how to build your own affiliate marketing business from scratch.

The Steps in building your own Affiliate Marketing Business

The steps can be represented by one diagram as shown below.

Step 1 – Choose an Interest

The starting point of every business is choosing what the business will be about. In other words, you need to choose your niche. You can read about which niches are the most popular in one of my articles. You should choose something which interests you a lot. Remember, you are building your business around it. SO you would have to spend hours researching on this niche. You would have to write innumerable posts in this Niche. You would have to help other people understanding this niche. So it is really important that you are passionate about your niche. Otherwise, you would lose interest pretty soon and your business will fail.

Remember, your business will not be built in 1 day. It would take months for your business to grow and reach a level which will satisfy you. If you are not passionate about this niche, you would really not be able to sustain it and thus it would be difficult for you to succeed in this business. So, make sure you choose to build your business around something which you are passionate about. This would ensure that your enthusiasm will not fall even when you are not doing that well. Persistence is the key to building a successful online business.

Step 2- Build a Website

Once you have chosen a niche, you need to build a website on this niche. This is where people really start getting scared. Most people are under the impression that building a website is practically impossible as it requires an understanding of how to write codes, designing etc. This is absolutely not true. Building a website is extremely simple and you can go through my short training on how you can build your website with a few clicks.

You need to build your website around this niche and then start writing blog posts on this niche. Your posts should be informative and should solve a problem for your readers. Only then the reader will be engaged to your website and buy the affiliate products you are promoting. This requires hard work for sure but is actually much easier to do than you think.

Step 3- Get visitors to your website

After you have started building your website, you need to get visitors to your website. In common terms, you need to start getting traffic to your website.

Remember, visitors or traffic is the lifeline of your website and without them your website is useless. There are different ways to bring visitors to your site. Some are paid methods and some are free, but no matter what your budget you will definitely find methods to suit your financial constraint and generate traffic. Free Traffic methods are On site SEO, link building, Blog posts etc. Paid methods include Google or Bing Adwords, Social media promotions, Pay Per Click campaigns etc. You will find different methods of traffic generation in different articles in my website. You can also enroll for my free course where I teach you different methods to generate traffic (both free and paid). I would be discussing quite a few traffic generation technique in this course and it is absolutely free.

Step 4- Generate revenue

Once you start getting traffic to your website, then you can start promoting your affiliate products to your visitors. The more traffic you can generate the better revenues you will be getting from your website. People will start trusting your website for your particular niche and slowly your website will start becoming an authority website in your niche. This would actually bring in more people and in turn more revenues. But remember, you need to continuously add value to your website by writing more posts and adding relevant articles and pages. This would really help in getting more visitors and better search engine rankings.

These 4 steps tell you how to build up an affiliate marketing business from scratch. The infographic below will recap whatever we have discussed in this article.


I hope this article has made you understand how you can build your own online business in 4 steps. You can join me in my free course where I teach you from scratch how to build an online business and how to avoid scams. You can also check out the best online platform to get trained and start your own online business by reading my review here.

Feel free to leave a comment below on how you liked this article and if there is anything else you want to know and I will definitely get back to you. You can also mail me at sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and I will definitely reply back to your queries or suggestions.

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    1. This article gives you the basics on how to start your own online affiliate marketing business. All the steps have also been dealt with in other articles. You can also register for my free online course on building your own online business.

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