Wealthy Affiliate Review – Do Not Join Before You Read This

Product- Wealthy Affiliate
Price- $0 (Starter),(Join Here)
            $49 p.m. (Premium). (Join Here)
Owners-Kyle and Carson
My rating- 9.8 out of 10
Ideal for- Anyone serious about making money online

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

There are different ways by which you can look at Wealthy Affiliate. You can say that it is a training center which teaches you the tricks of the trade to effectively start and run an online business. You can also say it is a community of like minded people who are willing to help each other reach the level of success each deserves. Some say it is your best friend in this hard world of affiliate marketing. It is all these and a lot more as you will see in this honest review.

What works:-

  1. Training modules helping you build your online business from scratch. Training which covers all aspects of a successful online business.
  2. A huge community (around 7,00,000 members and growing) ready to help you at every step.
  3. Interactive classrooms.
  4. 2 free websites for Starter members and much more for premium.
  5. Keyword research tools.
  6. 24*7 support available.
  7. Regular webinars to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  8. Learning from and mixing with the best in the trade.
  9. Not a get rich quick or MLM scheme.

What doesn’t work:-

  1. A lot of material to go through, which can be quite overwhelming at times.
  2. Will take time to learn and master the concepts and skills.

Honest Analysis of Wealthy affiliate:-

Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop forum which takes care of every need of Internet marketers. From Newbies to experts there is something for everyone.

Step by step Video training, blogs, write ups which will hold your hands from scratch and build up a successful online business. Finding profitable niche’s, finding keywords, building websites, writing powerful content, learning how to drive in traffic- You name it and its there. It guides you in the best possible way to learn and master the concepts which will lead you to build a successful online business.

Let us look at the model they use while they follow to ensure success while you look for money online:-


Basically, it shows you how you can utilize your passion or hobbies by building a website around them, and then reaching out to over 3.3 billion internet users with them. It encourages you to work around things which you are passionate and interested in, and convert them into money making opportunities. And to do so, they would guide you and coach you at every step so that you can realize your dreams as an internet marketer.

So what do I get inside Wealthy Affiliate:-

  1. Step by step training modules pertaining to every step in affiliate and internet marketing (Video, blogs, write ups).
  2. Helpful community with over 7,00,000 people to help you whenever you need.
  3. Interactive classrooms to discuss the various aspects of Internet marketing.
  4. WordPress website hosting services- You can host 25 free websites and 25 websites with your own domain (Premium members only). This in itself is worth the expenses you pay for premium membership.
  5. Build your own WordPress websites from scratch in as less than 30 seconds. Even newbies can do it with a click.
  6. The very best affiliate program to help you start your first online business and make huge commissions in the process.
  7. Personal one to one support from the founders Kyle and Carson.
  8. Free Keyword tool for your keyword research needs.
  9. Regular live Video training and webinars on the most recent topics on the world of Affiliate marketing.
  10. FREE to join in most countries.
  11. Additional Premium membership with a host of special facilities and absolutely no up-sells once you are premium.

The features of both the type of memberships are given below for you to make an informed decision:-


So who should join:-

  1. People who are unemployed and are looking for full time opportunities to generate income streams from the Internet.
  2. People with part time jobs willing to work for some part of the day to earn those extra bucks.
  3. People with full time jobs who are looking for an opportunity to move on as an entrepreneur and are willing to start spending sometime of the day on Affiliate marketing (Here is a great chance to fire your Boss in the very near future )
  4. People looking for that extra money to pay for the growing needs.
  5. People who hate working for someone else, and have always had dreams of owning there own business, but didn’t know how to go about it.
  6. In other words- For anyone and everyone.

In a nutshell

Wealthy Affiliate would be a great step in realizing your dream of making money successfully on the internet. It is the ideal platform to get trained, earn money, and slowly move towards becoming an authority in Affiliate marketing. This is the best program I have come across on the internet and believe me I have come across many. It is absolutely free to join and you definitely should take a look at it and then decide for yourself. This one step could actually change your life.

You can join for free here.

I hope you have liked this Post. In case you want to know more or get in touch with me personally feel free to mail me at sirshendu@vozcreativa.biz and you can also leave a comment below on what you felt about my post. Take care.


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