Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

A question which I come across regularly is “What niches would work best for my Affiliate marketing business?? ” or “What are the best niches for Affiliate marketing business??”. Well, the answer is simple. Any niche can do well if you are willing to work hard on that niche. It’s how you plan your campaign that is more important than just the niche. SO if you really put hard work into your chosen niche, any niche can work wonders for you.

But all said and done there are a few niche’s which are extremely popular and probably most online marketers work for products pertaining to these niches. In this article, I would discuss a few very popular niches and why they are so popular. Although I am using the term Niche, I would basically discuss broad categories or segments and you can build your niche as a subset of these broad categories. I would also discuss a few popular niches in these categories.


The Most Popular Niches for your Affiliate Marketing Business

  1. Make Money Online (MMO)– This is one of the most evergreen niches and probably the most popular amongst affiliate marketers. The reason for the popularity is simple, most people are doing affiliate marketing actually to make money online. So that seems one of the easiest niches to work on. You can actually learn and earn at the same time in this niche. Also, you have a huge set of the target audience in this niche as every day thousand of new users are coming to the internet in order to make money online. But beware, all this hype also makes this niche the most abused of all niches. You will find the most number of scam products and scam pyramid schemes in this niche. So you need to be very careful if you want to build your online business around this Niche. It is very important that you research well and plan properly if you want to do well in this Niche.I have a very good recommendation in this Niche if you are serious about building your online business around it. You can check my number 1 recommendation in this Niche. This not only trains you and makes you an expert in affiliate marketing but also helps you build up your business in this Niche.

2. Dating (Men’s Dating/ Women’s dating)– Dating and matrimony are very popular niches since a huge number of people come online primarily with the objective of finding a partner. The number of people who are looking for dates or long term partners online is increasing every day and that makes this Niche and evergreen and extremely profitable Niche. CPA programs are available by the dozen for this Niche and you can do well here if you choose the right programs. You can check out an example of how this Niche works by clicking here.

3. Health Products (Lose Belly Fat/Have a Lean Body/Build muscles etc)- Health products is actually not a Niche but a broad category from where you can have thousand of niches. Losing belly fat, losing baby fat, building biceps, having a toned body etc are all examples of Niches in this segment. There are thousand of popular niche’s around this segment and nearly all does very well. There are also scores of affiliate products in this Niche and a lot of these products are tested and does really well. This segment has probably produced the most number of evergreen Niche’s and they continue to do well and probably do well forever.

4. Investment products- A lot of people are online because they want to invest their hard earned money and internet is the best place to research for the best Investment products to make their money grow. This makes the Investment products niche one of the most happening of all niches. You have different affiliate programs for Binary trading, Gold IRA and other investment options. Another great thing about this is that the affiliate commissions are generally pretty high and recurring.

5. Travel and Leisure– You might find this a bit difficult to believe but Travel and Leisure is actually one of the most popular Niches for affiliate marketing. Great product offerings, high ticket commissions and enthusiastic travellers looking around for great offers make this a popular and profitable niche. The popularity of this Niche is growing by the day and this would definitely stay as one of the most popular Niche’s for some time now.

These are the 5 most popular niche’s around which you can build your affiliate marketing business. You can find a host of affiliate products and offers in these Niche’s and these are pretty profitable too. In case you are wondering how to go about starting your own affiliate marketing business, you can enrol in my 100% Free course where I teach you how to build and grow your affiliate marketing business for free. In this course, I will take you step by step on how to build your own affiliate marketing business from scratch and it is 100% free.

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    1. Basically, you should look at what you are good at and what interests you. You have to spend a lot of time researching and writing in your blog, so it is important that you are passionate about your niche.

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