AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review: Do Not Buy before you read this

Email Marketing is an excellent method of promoting your products and one of the most successful Affiliate marketing methods. Thus marketing guru’s focus a lot on this and regularly come out with products that teach newbies email marketing. Today we review one of the most famous email marketing products available on the market. Read my AffiloJetpack 2.0 review and find out whether you should invest in it or not.

Product Name– AffiloJetpack 2.0
Owner– Mark Ling
Who is it For– Anyone who wants to build his Email Marketing business or anyone who wants to succeed as an affiliate marketer using email marketing.
Rating– 9/10

What is AffiloJetpack 2.0?

Let us first understand how campaigns are run via email marketing. First, you build up a web page or a blog on your niche. In this blog, you offer some gift to every visitor who visits the blog if he gives you his email address. Once you have his email address, you can then regularly mail him with various offers and you get a steady stream of income. Sounds simple, isn’t it?? But actually, it is anything but simple.

You first need to build up a website, then offer something attractive so that the visitor leaves you his email address. Then you need to build up your series of emails which you would send to these visitors to build your rapport with them and then soft sell or hard sell them your affiliate products. A lot of work, right??

What if someone does everything for you?? I mean what if someone helps you build your website, write content for you, build up this gift you will be offering, chooses the best affiliate products for you, writes the series of email you are planning to sell, and also teaches you how to get more and more visitors to your site?? How would it be then?? Your business runs on Autopilot, isn’t it??

AffilojetPack does just that and more. It is your one stop solution to building a long term and profitable email marketing business from scratch, where everything is done for you. Yes, it is your email marketing business is autopilot.


What do you get in AffiloJetpack 2.0?

The following components are available in the AffiloJetpack 2.0-

  1. 90+ prewritten emails designed to build trust and get sales- Yes, you get 90+ emails for your niche written by experts and all ready to be sent. Just imagine the amount of work that has been saved. Just send these as per the sequence mentioned and see sales numbers grow each day.
  2. Super effective Free gifts to entice your visitors – The first step in building your email business is to ensure that your visitors subscribe and leave their email ID. For that, you need to give them sufficient bait to ensure they are excited enough to share their email ID with you. Affilojetpack provides not one, but three such free gifts for your niche. These are exciting and informative reports which your visitors will lap up with great enthusiasm.
  3. A beautiful website, ready to be built in a few clicks- Affilojetpack has a ready to use, premium WordPress theme by which you can build your website in just a few clicks. What’s more, they also give you 1 year hosting for free. Thus it would take you just a few minutes to get your online business up and running.
  4. Great Search engine friendly content- It is well known that search engines just love great content. Affilojetpack gives you great cheat sheets to build up great content in minutes. These ready-made, well-researched cheat sheets are available for your niche so that you can have great content ready in minutes.
  5. All this for 18 profitable niches.
  6. You can choose 5 out of these 18 profitable niche’s and build up your business in minutes.
  7. Detailed training, guiding you step by step on how to build your online email marketing business from scratch. The training holds your hands and teaches you all the steps in building a profitable long-term business.
  8. Detailed training on how to get traffic to your website, so that your visitors pour in.

Any Negatives??

Well, the only negative I find is probably the pricing of $997. But if you consider the value you are getting then this price is not too high. Also, you get to build your business in 5 niche’s, so that is like $200 startup cost per business, which is actually nothing.

Also, the best news is you can get a 25% on-the-spot discount by using my affiliate link. Yes, you don’t need to spend $997 but you can get the Affilojetpack 2.0 at a great price of $747 only by clicking here.

In a Nutshell

I believe this is an excellent product for anyone who is serious about building a long-term profitable email marketing business. At $747 this is too good to miss. This is great for both newbies as well as people with decent knowledge of online marketing. This ready to use system helps you build your business in any of the 18 most profitable niches and gives you al the tools to be successful. I highly recommend this course and believe it has all the ingredients to make you successful.

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