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My name is Sirshendu Chakraborty and I am an internet marketer. Through this website I try to educate people on how to avoid online scams, and also, how to make use of genuine opportunities of making money online.


I have had a successful career in Banking till I felt the need to work according to my own wishes and terms. It is then when I started my journey as an Entrepreneur. I started my first own business which was of the brick and mortar type.  I realized the negative aspects for such businesses was that my reach was limited and also the need for funds were huge. It is then that I realized the power of Internet and the unlimited reach this medium provides to me.

How my online journey started.

Having decided on building up an online business I started researching for the best modes of making money. It is then that I came across various products which were primarily made to rob you out of your hard earned money. I came across quite a few projects which had scam written on the face of it. But all scams were not apparent; a few could only be unearthed after you were involved and paid. But obviously, not all products were scams. I came across quite a few genuine opportunities which were great ways to make money online.

So, how do you understand a genuine opportunity??

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no shortcut to hard work. SO any scheme which promises you money overnight or with minimal work is probably a scam. As you have heard a lot of times- anything which seems too good to be true, is generally false. But if you are ready to invest your time, work hard and understand that there can’t be overnight money then the internet can be a great place for you. You can have the lifestyle you wanted, plan your working hours according to your convenience, spend more time with your family and friends, spend more time on your hobbies and ensure that money is constantly being made. If you are keen on getting information on how to avoid scams and make money with genuine products you can subscribe in the link below. You can also get in touch with me by mailing to sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com whenever you feel like and I would definitely reply back.

So,what did I do??

After understanding how the system works, I realized that I would need great training and support for being successful online. That is when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform available online with continuous support and feedback. You can learn more about that here. The best part is that you can join Wealthy affiliate for free. This decision really changed my life and now I have a successful online marketing career going where I can spend my time doing things I like and helping other people. Feel free to roam around my website and learn more about various online products- both good and bad.

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You can get back to me at sirshendu@onlinescamkiller.com and you can also leave a comment below and I would definitely get back to you.

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