Affilorama Honest Review- DO Not Join Before You Read This

Is Affilorama the best affiliate marketing training program?? Or is it a Scam?? Read my Affilorama Honest Review to find out.

Product- Affilorama
Price- Basic Membership is Free.
Owner- Mark Ling
Rating- 8 out of 10


What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an Affiliate marketing training program developed by Mark Ling. Mark Ling is a renowned name in the Affiliate marketing field and he is quite popular for his Jamorama program. The best part is that the initial membership is free and you get access to quite a few brilliant training modules without paying a single penny. It is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs available in the market.

What Works:-

  1. Over 100 free lessons covering every aspect of affiliate marketing. From choosing niche’s to developing of websites to bringing in traffic. Nearly everything is covered.
  2. Access to Affilorama forums to keep in touch with the members and get help when required.
  3. Regular Webinars covering different fields of affiliate marketing.
  4. Great for beginner or intermediate affiliate marketers.
  5. Affiliate tools which is a set of tools essential for every affiliate marketer is free to use.
  6. The owner is a respected name in affiliate marketing, who has been there and done it. So what he teaches makes a lot of sense.

What does not work??

  1. The paid products are costly.
  2. Most of the Webinars focus less on skills and more on up-sells.
  3. A few concepts are old fashioned hence can’t be used today.

Honest Analysis of Affilorama

Developed by Mark Ling, Affilorama is one of the best affiliate marketing training program available in the market. In fact it is my 2nd best recommendation for training. (My best Affiliate marketing training program review can be read here).

More than 100 training videos which will teach you all the basics of affiliate marketing. Separate modules are there for Introduction to Affiliate Marketing, choosing your Niche, building your website, driving traffic and many more. Each module has different training videos which will clear your concepts and help you become more confident on that topic. The below picture shows you the different videos for the Introduction to affiliate marketing module.

These videos are great for any beginner internet marketer and is helpful for intermediate marketers too.

You also have access to affiliate programs to start your own affiliate business, with separate products to promote. You also have access to Affilo tools which helps you in tracking your website performance and planning different campaigns and you get this for free.

In the flip side, if you plan to purchase the advanced products then the cost becomes a barrier. I have reviewed them separately in this website itself. You can read about AffiloBluprint here.

Overall, Affilorama is truly one of the best affiliate marketing training program. It is my 2nd best recommendation and the best part is that it is free to join. You can join here for free.

You can also join my free 7 day course which will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and it is absolutely free. Visit my Getting Started page and join the course for free. Also, do comment on how you liked my post and let me know if you would like to know anything more. You can also mail me at and give your feedback.


Create Your Own Website- Breaking All Myths

Websites are the lifeline of an online business. If you are serious about making money online or about building your business online, then be sure about it- YOU WILL HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE AT SOME POINT OF TIME. I am sure you have heard of a few myths as to how difficult it can be. So its time to break all myths regarding websites.

Myth 1- I Have heard creating a website is really difficult??

This is a myth I keep on hearing everyday. Most people believe that it is difficult to create your own website. But the truth is that creating your website is very simple. A lot of tools are available which can help you create your websites without a single line of code. So you can easily build up a website even if you do not know coding at all.

You can enroll for a free online training course, by visiting my getting started section. In this course I will teach you the basics of website building for free. So go ahead and enroll for free.

Myth 2- It takes a lot of time to create a website.

Guess how much time it takes to set up a website. 1 day?? 12 hours?? 1 hour??.

No. No. No.

Actually, you can create your own website within a minute. Yes, writing content will take time. And writing content is actually a job which will go on throughout the lifetime of your website. But, that’s a different story altogether.

But to setup the website, it would take hardly a minute. You will be surprised to know how easy and fast it is to create your own website using WordPress.

Myth 3-Creating websites is a very expensive affair

Another very popular myth is that it is very expensive to create your own website. Well, what if I tell you to forget expenses, you can even create your own website for FREE. Yes, Free, ABSOLUTELY FREE. You do not need to put in any money to build your own website and you can ake one for absolutely FREE. Howz that????

If you have been reading this article till now, I am sure you would be pretty intrigued thinking is all what I said true. Well, it is. Creating your own website is easy, fast and free. You may join my free course where I will teach you all these and much more. Just go to my Getting Started page and enroll there. You might also check my No 1 recommendation, which is probably the best training platform I have ever seen. It will guide you in not only building your own websites, but also on how to build your online business step by step. It is a wonderful community of entrepreneurs who will help you reach your goals. And the best part is that joining this community is free.

I hope you have found this article helpful, and it has helped in making you believe that you are completely capable of creating your own website. DO leave a comment letting me know how you liked it. You can also mail me at and let me know what you feel.


Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: Honest Review

Keyword research is the first step to building a website which is search engine friendly and effective. Ask any affiliate marketer or web designer and they will readily agree to this statement. So it is very important that we have a strong keyword research tool in our arsenal. Today’s review should be an answer for anyone looking for a strong Keyword research tool.

Product Name- Jaaxy
Price:- Starter- Free (Go here)
             Pro-$19/month (Go here)
             Enterprise- $49/month (Go here)
Who is it for- Anyone wanting to create effective websites.
My Rating- 9/10

What is Keyword Research??

The objective of any website is to ensure that it’s content reaches the maximum number of people possible. So it is very important that the content is not only powerful and effective, but also friendly for search engines. This is where Keyword research comes into play. For every page of content you write proper keyword research will help you in ensuring that your content is not only useful for your audience but also easy for search engines to pick up. Your Keywords for a website post should meet the following criterion:-

  1. It should not have too much competition:- If the same keyword is used by various websites it will be difficult for you to get a better ranking in search engines. Your Keyword tool should be able to provide you with this information.
  2. It should already have some traffic:- A keyword without any traffic, is a keyword which is not been searched in search engines. Such keywords are useless for you.
  3. It should be grammatically correct:- Search Engines hate wrong framing of sentences.

How does Jaaxy help??

Jaaxy is the best search engine tool I have personally come across. Its tagline goes as “The world’s most advanced keyword tool”. I totally agree to it. It gives you everything you require for Keyword research. For every keyword you research it will give you its competition data, its current traffic, and all options which are related to the keyword along with their competition and traffic analysis. The tool is so powerful that it even helps you in finding availability of domain names according to your keyword. I have shown the result of an analysis if you do a Keyword research on “Making money online”.


You can see the different ways you can use this keyword and the competition and traffic analysis for the same. It is really helpful to know which keyword’s would help in reduced competition and increased traffic.


The best part of Jaaxy is that you can use it for free for 30 keyword research searches. Then you can upgrade if you like it. I like free trials much better than money-back guarantees. This is because you can try it out fully before you are sure you want to invest, rather than invest in something which is useless and then run around looking for how to get your money back. The pricing and features of the different packages are given below.


In a Nutshell

Jaaxy is a great tool for keyword research, the best I have ever come across. With great features and a free starter pack, keyword research was never so powerful and easy. You can try a few searches in the box given below and see for yourself. Highly recommended.


Do leave a comment about what you thought of my post. You can also mail me at with your queries and I would get back to you. You can also read about the best program I have ever come across online here-This is my number 1 recommendation for building and growing your business online.